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Advancements in biometric identification management technology are moving so fast, it’s tough to predict just how much it will potentially change the world we live in. Biometrics are fundamentally changing identification management in a host of industries and governmental entities. There is no question that biometrics now touch virtually every  corner of the world to improve security, but what is perhaps most fascinating is the benefits biometrics have established that were once unforeseen which include establishing parity in societies that have traditionally lacked class equity.

Traditional identification technologies (passwords, PINs, plastic ID cards) are no longer reliable and quickly being supplanted with biometrics. For example, the increased focus on improving internet security to fight cybercrime has opened the door for the use of biometrics as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a multi-factor authentication strategy.

Although biometrics are not a new innovation, many are still unaware of its untapped potential as a very reliable technology with many deployment options and a variety of hardware choices, each with its own unique set of characteristics. Examples include:

From governments to corporate offices, borders to banks, biometric technology is now a part of just about every sector where identification management is needed.

Biometric technology is growing rapidly and the industry is quickly evolving to make the world a safer, more secure place to live. Governments are adopting biometrics to update passports, airports are adopting to improve security and convenience, border security guards are adopting to track criminals, and corporate offices are adopting biometrics to improve employee productivity.



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