Healthcare Infographic: The Cost of Duplicate Medical Records and Overlays on Healthcare

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Healthcare infographic on the effect of duplicate medical records and overlays on patient safety
Our latest healthcare infographic examines the effect that duplicate medical records and overlays have on patient safety.

Most people that work with data in and around the healthcare industry are well aware of the negative impact that duplicate medical records and overlays can have on patient safety and the cost of care. Health information management (HIM) professionals are constantly monitoring and rectifying duplicate medical records and overlays because they pose an imminent danger when treating patients with misinformation and can cause a delay in treatment or tests to be repeated.

Even though the subject of duplicate medical records and overlays is well known within the industry, few patients know or understand the devastating impact that can result in their creation, what additional costs they add to care, and what types of technologies (both old and new) and currently used by healthcare facilities to prevent their creation. With that in mind, we assembled an Infographic that outlines the origins, effects, and costs that duplicate medical records and overlays place on the healthcare industry, plus a detailed overview of patient data-matching technologies that facilities use to identify and avert these detriments to quality patient care including a study of algorithms, smart cards, and biometrics for patient identification.

Please take a moment to read through our healthcare Infographic on the effect of duplicate medical records and overlays in healthcare and share it with a friend who may need to know more about this topic. We also offer the chance for you to copy and paste the code at the bottom of the Infographic and embed it on your site (just click on the healthcare Infographic and scroll down to the bottom).


The Cost of Duplicate Medical Records and Overlays in Healthcare
Via: M2SYS Healthcare Solutions

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