Web Based Visitor Management System – How to implement

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Web-Based Visitor Management System is now a need of the decade. Regardless of size and type, almost all the organizations operating in our modern day economy now needs a proper visitor management system. Visitor Management System is very essential for any organization to properly run their operation and tactfully handle any sort of security issues. Now the dilemma is to choose from all these different types of visitor management systems and service providing companies.

One of these among sort of visitor management system is, “Web-Based”. Web-based visitor management system works on web and is accessible from anywhere, obviously providing login credentials. Web-based visitor management system is gaining popularity because there are several crucial benefits that this system offers. One such Web Based visitor management system that can be found in the market is VisitorTrack™ from M2SYS Technology Inc. Among many other visitor management systems, VisitorTrack™ is a cloud-based biometric visitor management system that works as a guardian knight for premise security at it’s best.

So how to set up a web-based visitor management system for your organization? Are there going to be a lot of integration or setup charge? How will it function? All these questions keep lurking when you have to choose a web-based visitor management system among so many.

In general, here’s how one can easily set up a web-based management system. You simply call M2SYS Technology or send an email to info@m2sys.com and they will take care of the rest. Why? Because VisitorTrack™ is undoubtedly the best cloud-based highest level of security providing visitor management system available.

To take it a bit further here’s why you should choose VisitorTrack™ any other web-based visitor management system.

Biometric Security

VisitorTrack™ works with the highest level of security measure and which is biometric authentication and identification. It simultaneously works with M2SYS CloudABIS™ hybrid matching system and supports advanced biometrics. There are no possible ways of identity theft due to this system and we already know that biometric security cannot be broken that easily. Due to the biometric security feature, VisitorTrack™ is totally immune to look alike, twins or cosmetic surgery threats too.

1-Time registration, multiple time authentication

Visitors find it very difficult to fill up forms every time they check in the premise. Also what if the guest provide false information each time and checks in. Who will manually check that each time? With VisitorTrack™, they will provide information for the first time they enter the building. From onwards, they will just have to scan their biometrics to verify them and check-in easily. All the registered information will pop up as soon the identification is done through biometric. No more information can be altered personally. Also, different pictures of important documents of the visitor can be taken and stored with the visitor’s profile for future references, just by a click.

Digital pass and Flagging system

VisitorTrack™ does not use any sorts of paper or printed badges. So that’s a plus for your added cost advantage. It issues a digital badge to visitor smartphone that can be scanned directly from another smartphone to know that if this visit is authenticated or not. This way there is no printing and added utility maintenance cost. Moreover, the digital flagging system makes it exciting because with it you can red flag any visitor and restrict him from entering the premise ever again. And because of biometric authentication, there will no chance of any breach from that individual ever again.



Biometric Visitor Management Solution

Replace manual log, ID Cards/Badges with a secure, modern and affordable biometric solution to safeguard your premises.

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Connecting distant places & accessible from anywhere

Suppose you have a Gym chain countrywide or a hotel chain worldwide. In one place you flag a user in your regular visitor management system and that individual shows up in another place of your business to avail the service. Not having a central data sharing system this will happen every time. VisitorTrack™ solved this dispute connecting different access points altogether because it works on a cloud server. You can just login into VisitorTrack™ from anywhere to see the analytics. Different access points sharing data makes everyone stay at the same page. Because of this if a person is flagged at a place of your business, he will be automatically flagged in all of the points of your services.

Biometric as a service model Pricing

M2SYS Technology Inc designed VisitorTrack™ in such a way that it can be used accordingly by giant companies to small organizations. The pricing varies on the enrollment size of biometric information based on a monthly subscription. This model makes it very easy for the user to exactly use what they need and pay for that only. Nothing less but much more in terms of value creation.

VisitorTrack™ is a digital security and tracking system that can help you process any sorts of delivery visit, casual visit, or official visit altogether. And the simple way to set up is contact here info@m2sys.com, and get this great biometric warrior watch over your organization flawlessly.

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Masum Shibli

Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

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