Santa Fe Schools to Adopt Biometric Visitor Management System

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Uprising threats around the world bound people to think over the security system in public places like schools, colleges, and churches. Sadly, terrorists and people looking to cause harm are mostly targeting the public places due to the high volume of people and easy access.

It is hard to scan everyone with a traditional security system when a large amount of visitors gather. Technology companies are well aware of this problem and have been coming up with innovative security systems, such as biometric visitor management. With this system, it is possible to  check each and every one through their physical or behavioral biometrics traits.

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Biometric visitor management systems are highly recommended in schools, because of the inefficiencies of many traditional visitor management systems in place. With a biometric solution when a visitor enters the school they must go through a security check where their biometrics will be run against schools visitor database. This will prevent intruders such as sex offenders from being able to gain access to the school.

Santa Fe High School, a school in New Mexico, installed visitor management system recently to ensure the proper security on campus. Usually people could visit the school by completing their front-desk registry. This will no longer be possible as they implemented a system with a higher level of security.

Visitors will get an identification sticker including their photo, taken from their drivers license. Anybody without the ID sticker will not be allowed in the school. This rule is even applicable for regular parents who visit the school often.

Visitors will need to swipe their driving license or any other national ID through a scanning device. Then, it will check the ID information against the U.S. Justice Department’s National Sex Offender Public Registry.

Gabe Romero, Santa Fe’s head of security and safety, has a plan to implement this security system in all schools of this district. He believes that it will increase security and improve efficiency, he states:

“We want to implement an electronic system that does away with this [sign-in process] and makes it easier for staff at all schools to monitor this and make sure information is recorded appropriately,”

The district will train its employees to get used to with this new system, and it is expected to take 60 days to get partially implemented.

Implementation of visitor management system can be seen all over the world. M2SYS, which has deployed biometric solutions in over 100 countries across the globe just finished a world class visitor management solution, VisitorTrack™.

It is a cloud-based biometric visitor management and tracking solution, can reduce the stress of traditional visitor management solutions. It is a modern, affordable system that supports fingerprint, finger vein, face and iris recognition. It is highly convenient and more affordable than other solutions available on the market. It is a perfect solution for schools looking to update their visitor management system to a more affordable, safer system

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