Top 5 Remote Employee Productivity Analysis Strategies

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Millions of employees have started working from home since the beginning of the pandemic. Currently, there are a large number of employees doing remote work who had never done it before the pandemic. Due to this sudden shift of the work zone, it was uniquely transformative and difficult for both the organizations and employees to navigate. The crisis work-from-home scenario has turned out to have a long-list of benefits, which is why it looks like this work pattern is going to continue even during post-pandemic times.

However, organizations know that everything from remote employee productivity analysis to company data privacy is a big concern when dealing with virtual teams. In response to protecting company privacy and to increasing surveillance for productivity, many companies are turning to employee monitoring software.  

Employee monitoring is beneficial for employers as it helps to determine exact data of how long each employee worked, on each project they worked and other detailed data. To create an efficient remote team you have to come up with an effective strategy and the right monitoring tool. The right combination of remote employee productivity and analysis strategy can help team members support each other and hold each other accountable. And most importantly, track the performance of each employee.

Want to measure the productivity of remote employees? You’re in the right place! 

The CloudDesk employee monitoring software gives you complete control over your remote employees, lets you track individual tasks, and manage your employee’s workflow chart. The software is a mix of monitoring and time tracking. This powerful software gives you very detailed information about your employees’ productivity and performance. 

This article contains the top 5 proven Remote Employee Productivity Analysis Strategies that you can use to measure the productivity of your remote employees and the progress of their projects with the use of CloudDesk. Let’s get started.

  1. Employee Identity Verification: CloudDesk is an automated monitoring solution that secures the identities of the remote employees continuously. The system verifies employees through face recognition ensuring user authentication. It takes pictures of their face through its intelligent technology and even after successful on-boarding the application takes random pictures of the face of the user to ensure that the correct employee is working. This unique feature prevents businesses from identity fraud and other harmful threats.
  2. Time Tracking: Imagine how successful your business would be if you could track your employees’ time at work. CloudDesk simplifies time-tracking for remote employees in many ways. The software tracks and analyzes the time spent on each project. Employers can use this software to accurately track time down time to the second and pay employees accordingly. You can use this software on computers, tablets, and smartphones to track time. Employees can turn monitoring software off and on for each task, once on the software will automatically monitor what your employees are doing during work hours and how much time they are dedicating to do any project. It also enables employees to take breaks during work hours, where the software will be in off mode and won’t record anything from the device unless turned on once again. With the use of this software both employers and employees can establish two way trust, where employees also have peace-of-mind knowing that their hard work and extra efforts are being documented.  
  3. Employee Engagement Checking: Dealing with employee productivity issues is often complicated. Tracking their progress is the biggest issue when it comes to remote-working, even if the time tracker is on and employees are on the right website? How do you know they are working productively? Well, CloudDesk can help with that too. The software records both idle and active time spent during a monitoring session to help employers determine the productivity level. With CloudDesk productivity reports you can easily see how work gets done, and reveal areas in which you can unlock productivity potential.


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  4. Live screenshot: Once installed CloudDesk is the eye of your company. It captures random screenshots of the accessed device. This insight benefits the employer to know what project the employee is working on and whether they are doing anything inappropriate. The record from the screenshot can provide vital data about the productivity of the employees. You can find the loopholes in workflow by improving employee productivity and satisfaction. 
  5. One dashboard to rule them all: Get all your remote employee productivity analysis data in an easy-to-measure report under one dashboard. The software provides daily, weekly and monthly summary reports to help you quickly analyze employee behavior patterns.

Employee monitoring applications are widely available on the internet. But one has to make a good choice to get hands-on high-quality monitoring software that provides the best features and measurable metrics that are beneficial for employers. CloudDesk is an affordable and effective remote employee monitoring software that keeps an eye on employee activity and helps to boost productivity. If you are interested in increasing your productivity, or the productivity of your employees, then you’ll enjoy the results from CloudDesk.

Try our 14-day Free Trial to see how it works. Hit the Contact Us button and let us show you how this software will help in this process.


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