Remote Team Performance Management Best Practice

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Whether you agree or not, remote working is the future of the workforce. Research has indicated that 50% of the US workforce will be remote sooner or later, where three-quarters of all global companies already offer flexible working options. As most of these companies are reporting an increase in profit and productivity, it’s quite clear that the remote working practice here to stay.

Companies now understand the benefits of remote working. It boosts productivity, reduces business costs, and increases employee retention while helps to run a greener and more sustainable business.

Some areas to consider when managing a remote workforce:


Establish a proper team view option

When your remote employees are working from all around the world, you may be frustrated with tracking their tasks. This won’t happen if you use the right tool to track employee tasks and it will help to manage projects. Solid team visibility is the first requirement because it helps to share progress and offers thoughtful support. This also helps to ensure all team members are working on the same goals. 

Employees need to understand why the tool will be used – the reason being is that it’s for coordinating the whole team. People inside the team need to know who is undertaking which part of a job. They also need to know when it will be completed and what tasks have been allocated to each employee. 



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Distribute a balanced workload among employees

You can only ensure a healthy workload for all the employees if you have knowledge of each employee’s output. When an employee works remotely, it can cause stress, tiredness or anxious – and an employee may feel burned out. Some employees will thrive working remotely, as they are not spending time traveling to and from work.

When you can see each employee’s workload, you can decide how to balance the workload of the entire team. If an employee suddenly looks like they are under too much pressure, while another has a blank diary, then you can quickly transfer some tasks. Not only will it ensure a healthy working environment in the team but it will also protect employees from any “over-engagement” issues. 

Use Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Trust is a critical part of any successful remote working team. No matter what monitoring tools are being utilized, managers need to ensure that their remote employees are job-oriented and self-disciplined. Remote employees have to be productive on their own and should be comfortable working without any direct supervision. This is the sort of trust that goes both ways,  as remote employees need to trust the path their management has chosen for them.

CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software helps managers to monitor their workers and to ensure the employees are productive. When using this software, managers can see an employee’s engagement level with the task at hand and how much time has been spent on irrelevant tasks. This way, a manager can detect an unproductive employee and ask the employee to give proper attention to their work. If the indications show unproductivity among the major part of the employees, then the management can meet with the team to decide what steps need to be taken for an increase in productivity level. 

Your goal should be to build a remote working team where everyone works together seamlessly, without any enforcement of micromanagement. It will allow your remote team to master their own time management and sharpen their work performance. This is the best way to create an environment where remote working, autonomy, and sense of ownership sit side by side. If you want to create that world in your business by deploying CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software, then hit the Contact Us button, and let us know your queries.

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