Is employee monitoring Software the Key to More Effective Call Center Management?

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We are in the golden era of virtual work, many businesses are now operating with their virtual team working from different locations. Remote work is becoming the norm all around the world. It has become a sort of norm even though managing a remote team still poses quite the challenge. Managing a remote call center is not any easier too. There is no easy job anywhere. It requires adequate planning, relentless motivation, hard work and honesty to run a remote call center.

A call center is a sort of customer care department that oversees the reception of incoming calls from customers and clients who need solutions to certain problems. There are several means by which customer needs are met by call center agents. It can be via channels such as email, web chat or social media, phone calls, texts, video calls, etc. The methods are different and thus work can get scary for the agents to manage. Running a remote call center requires supervisors to know every single detail about their business, work with the agents, and set examples for them.



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The Importance of Call Centre Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software gave the call center the means to track its agents at all times. This is an effective way to measure agent productivity, efficiency, hours worked and other factors that are needed to measure in maintaining a successful hybrid team. However, companies that consider using monitoring software must do so ethically and respectfully.

While running a call center you core focus is delivering the best customer service, satisfying your customers in every possible way to retain your business. Your agents are working constantly to fulfill their task and it is your responsibility to track your agents to keep their pace always at the peak. Using employee monitoring software like CloudDesk you can view worker’s activities like log-in time, web usage and idle hours in real time to minimize time wasting.  The software provides data that measures the productivity level of each of your agents and gives you easy to understand visuals to know about each agent.

Call centers are reputed to be one of the toughest places to work and it often has a large number of employees. Continuity is the major problem of such companies. The pressure of work is immense and it often leads to immense employee turnover every year. This leads to huge losses for the company. The turnover rate can be significantly reduced by providing managers with data that help them determine which employees are under pressure and help can be provided for them. This helps companies prevent an agent from getting stressed thus discontinuing job while also maintaining their motivation. Naturally, the job is a stressful one and agents tend to get overworked leading to negative effects on the employees. A standard schedule must be put in place to ensure that employees continue to perform at a high level. There should be spaces in time to ensure that they recharge and refocus thus ensuring that customers receive the kind of patient and friendly service they deserve.

Although now it is a common practice in many companies to check what their employees are doing during work hours, but not all workers are well acquainted with such monitoring. So to protect your business legally and to ensure agent satisfaction, you must legally track agent activity. It is best practice to let your agents know in details about your monitoring policy and take their consent before you start monitoring.

Bottom line on employee monitoring

Installing a specialized call center employee monitoring software into your business’s processes can bring fruitful results for your organization– but you have to do it right. Try to follow what we have discussed in this article. Define your goals at the very beginning , respect your employees’ privacy, and make them fully aware of their rights.

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