Cloud-Based Visitor Management System to Improve Visitor Experience

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Visitor Management System

A visitor management system automates the process of managing visitors to a particular area/ zone/office. It manages all kinds of visitors by scheduling their visits, registering their identity and purpose of the visit, sends them a digital badge for authentication, and allow them access to the premises. The system helps to blacklist any person or any company to restrict their visits. Now a day a cloud-based visitor management system is gaining popularity for hassle-free deployment.

Global Market of Visitor Management System

The global Visitor Management Systems market was worth about US$ 730 million in 2017, and it is predicted to exceed US$ 1300 million by the end of 2025. During the forecast period, the CAGR is assumed 7.6 percent that will cover 83.14 percent of market share. Market experts are assuming that the market will boom in the coming year as a cloud-based visitor management system is being affordable.

Market Segmentation

According to the study, the visitor management system market is segmented in two; one for on-premise and another is a cloud-based system. Considering the application of the visitor management system, the market is split for large scaled business and small or medium scale business. The segmentation also shows the geographic regions or countries that cover the market of the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Central & South America.

Driving Factors

For the incredible growth that is assumed to achieve within 2025, the driving factors are considered as below:

  • A cloud-based visitor management system enables seamless visitor experience and increases organizations’ image into the minds of the visitor.
  • Adoption of the visitor management system by small and medium enterprises rapidly due to their affordable SaaS pricing model.

How Visitor Management System Improves Customer Experience

In a traditional paper-based visitor management system, visitors need to visit any office several times to get the appointment of the required contact person. Sometimes they failed to meet contact person for their pre-scheduled meeting or unavailability. The visitor management system automates the meeting schedules and sends an email notification to both parties that eliminates the hassles of scheduling an appointment or meeting.

Visitors need to register before check-in in the offices, and it takes a few minutes if there are some other visitors, and the same things happen to frequent visitors also. Every time they check-in, they need to register to get access to the office premises. The visitor management system smoothens the check-in process retrieving their information from the schedule or previous data.

Finally, when a visitor checks-in, (s)he need to carry a visitor ID to access different area/ floor of the office premises and while checking out, they need to return that in reception. The visitor management system improves visitor experience issuing a digital badge that allows their access to the office premises.

Success Story

Safety Plus maintains multiple facilities for customer support, partner support, the community, and its own employees. In many cases, an individual requires to access two or more facilities or in a secured area where the only specified person can enter. They were looking for a solution to integrate with their own proprietary access control/management software that could support multiple platforms (Mobile and Desktop) as well as equipped with biometric authentication systems. By rigorously evaluating many cloud-based biometric matching systems in the market, Safety Plus decided that the best solution would be to implement CloudABIS; a scalable, cloud-based biometric matching system that instantly works across any web browser.

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