How to Create Trusted Remote Working Environment

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Gallup conducted research with over 10,000 people to determine the qualities of the best leaders. Trust came out on top, and Gallup has explained why. The research found that the chances of them being engaged to work is one in twelve when remote employees don’t trust the leader. On the contrary, more than one in two employees will faithfully engage in their work when the trust is established. That’s an increase of six-fold! 

The research identified the three elements that can help remote employees feel like a part of the organization. Each of those elements relates to job engagement and helps to accelerate performance and productivity on the way. The three elements that create a trusted work environment are:


1.  Set clear expectations for the remote team 

Most of the time when work arrangements don’t work it is because an employee isn’t aware of what results are expected from them. A manager should explain the expectations in terms of performance level, project prioritization, and the tasks to be performed each day.

Managers need to explain these three points clearly to remote employees before the start of each project. This will demonstrate that the manager understands and respects the employees. It will also show his/her eagerness to invest in each employee’s personal success.



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2.  Make sure the remote members have everything they need available

A remote worker can’t just go to the stockroom to find materials and equipment. Accessing critical information from their office colleagues can be harder for remote workers. The manager needs to keep remote employees engaged by ensuring the supply of remote employees’ equipment and information needs and providing whatever is required to get the job done.

3.  Show trust and positive feedback in the remote team’s work

Many times managers do recognize and appreciate remote employees’ talent, yet the employees don’t get to know about it. This can make employees feel undervalued and out of the group. The manager needs to work on increasing trust from the hiring stage and should understand what has learned about the employees throughout the recruitment process and help employees to build strength in both mind and work.

Just knowing how remote employees are managing their time does not always sustain the trust between the two groups. Rather, the relationship between remote workers and management needs to improve for a better understanding. If you want to do your part by supporting and encouraging remote employees and watching them flourish, then try CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software. Hit the Contact Us button and let us know how we can help to build the path for a trustworthy relationship between you and your employees.

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