Healthcare Facility Management Application for Hospitals & Clinics

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Healthcare facility management application is a specialized facility management solution that helps hospitals and clinics to effectively manage their facilities to ensure value-based patient care and streamline their healthcare operations. Healthcare facilities management application for hospitals and clinics allows healthcare facilities to utilize all their physical resources and automate administrative functions, which are essential for providing smooth, streamlined, and well-functioning healthcare service.

Functions of Healthcare Facilities Management Application

Healthcare facilities management applications are fully equipped with specialized features combined with ease-of-use and enterprise-level functionality. Compared to the regular facility management applications, they are much more intuitive and personalized to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. They do the heavy lifting in terms of facility management for hospitals and clinics so that the healthcare professionals can fully concentrate on providing the best patient care.

The hospital management application automates facility management related to all administrative operations from manual entries and Excel files to a more simplified cloud-based central platform. Since the platform is hosted on the Cloud, your facility management data can be easily accessed or updated in real-time, from anywhere using any desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Benefits & application of implementing healthcare facility management application

Ensure Complete Safety 

The importance of safety is highest within healthcare facilities, both for patients and healthcare professional hospitals and clinics need to ensure top-notch cleanliness, sanitization, and safety inspection as per OSHA guidelines. Healthcare facility management application offers work order management to ensure all cleaning, sanitation, and safety inspection-related tasks are thoroughly completed.

Easy Accessibility

A Good healthcare facility management application for hospitals and clinics offers easy accessibility. Once your facility manager or management team sets up the application and invites everyone to join the application, they can utilize an easy-to-use work order application to get employees where they need to be quicker and more efficiently. The right hospital facility management application allows them to record, access, understand, and educate themselves from it.

Preventive Maintenance

Most facilities management applications for hospitals and clinics come with preventive maintenance features. When you are running a healthcare facility you can’t afford a safety breach or incident or unexpected healthcare equipment shutdown for too long. That’s why healthcare facility managers regularly schedule preventive maintenance activities and testing to ensure your critical equipment won’t fail unexpectedly, and your healthcare facility is always ready to provide the best possible patient care.

Proper Utilization of Resources

Hospital facility management applications ensure that all the resources are accessible when required and can be utilized most productively. A few advanced facility management applications come with a Layout Map that helps healthcare facilities efficiently locate and utilize the unused space in the facility.

Mobility and Accuracy

Most facility management applications like Cloud app Facilities are hosted in the cloud, so they can be accessed from anywhere via computer, smartphone, or tablet when they are connected to the internet or VPN. Sometimes they are also hosted on multiple servers to ensure safety against natural disasters or cyber threats. It helps maintain a 100% accuracy of the data and maintain a complete list of all assets, with very little possibility of error.

Track Facility Management Costs

Healthcare facility management applications allow hospitals and clinics to keep track of the total expenditure on management, inventory, and maintenance work to minimize cost.

Low Cost of Ownership

Modern cloud-based facility management solutions are very much affordable since you don’t need to buy any additional hardware device or an application license for using them. For example, CloudApper Facilities comes with a base price of $10/user/month, which gives you full access to the application as well as all other applications available in their marketplace. Also, since the vendor takes care of the application, you don’t have to bear any maintenance costs.

Why Do Hospitals and Clinics Require Facility Management Application?

It is more than essential for healthcare facilities to ensure that all service requests are swiftly responded to without compromising their quality or slowing down productivity level. Simultaneously, they have to ensure that every piece of facility-related resources is well-optimized and synced for delivering smooth and uninterrupted healthcare service delivery round-the-clock.

The healthcare facilities must comply with industry standards like HIPAA for ensuring patient information safety, OSHA for meeting all the safety standards, and take protection against natural disasters to ensure patients’ complete safety and comfort. Also, the maintenance operations should be scheduled in sync with the healthcare operations so that they don’t interrupt or block each other.

These are the reasons why every modern healthcare facility must have an effective healthcare facility management application that is specially designed to address all their needs.

Why Choose CloudApper Facilities as Your Healthcare Facility Management Application?

CloudApper Facilities is an innovative cloud-based facilities management application that is highly customizable to meet the needs of healthcare facilities of any size. This application comes with all the necessary features to manage your day-to-day facility-related activities. The application can also be integrated with your existing ERP or Hospital Management Solution to sync all the infrastructure resources, save maintenance data, and ensure uninterrupted day-to-day operations.

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