4 Reasons Why Remote Work Is The Future For B2B Companies

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Remote works had a poor reputation in the past. Many employers thought it was too easy to distract their remote staff at home, and managers cannot keep a close eye on their direct reports. Remote work a decade ago was quite uncommon. Only in special cases was the flexible working alternative from home.

However, technology has grown so much that many companies prosper with totally remote employees. We all had to make changes in our lives and even in our companies especially in the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis. Worldwide owners of companies have changed from the temporary emergency movement to remote work to continuous and profound adjustments involving distance work.

For several B2B companies, we are looking at four explanations why operating offsite can be the future.

Remote Work: What the future holds

Globally, business is now more flexible in remote employment, as long as the productivity of workers is not impaired. On the other hand, contemporary workers are increasingly diverse, mobile, and consist of multiple generations, all with multiple preferences for communication. A new survey has shown that 61% of global companies have remote work options for their workers.

In the United Kingdom, another CIPD survey reveals that 54% of remote staff appreciate flexibility in terms of work schedules. In 1999 this figure increased from just 9.5%. The way we think towards working has undoubtedly changed a lot, and B2B businesses are more beneficial if they adjust to this transition.

  1. Access to wider markets

Access to new customers and enterprises is crucial as a B2B company. With a remote workforce, the talent pool is available to you so that you have a competent and versatile staff at all places. You can communicate with customers around the world in person or through telecommuting through this network of professional employees.

  1. Increased Employee Productivity

A recent study by Staples Advantage confirms remote teams are actually more productive than their in-office counterparts. At least 37% of businesses with remote employees programs report that their employees who work from home are way more  engaged,  productive, and 75 % of business owners  report happier employees.

  1. Lower overheads, higher profitability

If you run your company in a large city, recruiting local people enables you to meet regional salary needs, which in metropolitan areas are usually inflating. You may employ local talents from any part of the world, rather than exceeding your budget.

Basically, flexible working and remote working methods will minimize overheads and allow the company to be more efficient. The cost of office rental and utility charges for a remote office is reduced. There’s a range of affordable tools available to help you and the remote employees collaborate efficiently and enable your virtual staff to be more productive.

  1. Better candidates and Employee retention

It is clear that workers prefer a flexible work choice. You are more likely to attract talents who can progress your company by giving them the option to work from home with flexible working hours. Furthermore, if the workers are pleased, they are more likely to be active, engaged, and make long-term commitment.

Given that your workers are less distracted, take fewer days to work, and are more loyal to your brand, as telecommuting, remote work, and working from home bring more advantages.



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B2B Marketers Rethink Remote Work

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