Guidelines for Remote Working

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It is well known that it’s vital to establish ground rules for remote work, especially during the uncertain times of the pandemic. Every company that practices remote working should determine their own and follow them strictly. A few of these rules include determining which positions are in fact eligible for remote work, establishing a scheduling policy for employees (for instance, having fixed work hours, allowing employees determine their own working hours, or requiring availability for meetings but flexibility otherwise), providing any necessary equipment and software, and providing all remote working employees with efficient technical support.

Organizations that have some or all employees working remotely should establish expectations up front, and then ensure that the necessary resources are available to allow remote employees to work effectively.



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  • Functional Considerations for Managing Remote Teams

It is important that employers establish the ways in which communication and engagement occur among employees that are working remotely. Whether it be through Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or simply email, employers need to make sure that each employee has the necessary access to these channels to efficiently engage with one another. Employers can create standards when it comes to emails and work-related documents so that there is consistency among employees even when working remotely.

  • Optimizing Remote Teams

Managing remote teams isn’t much different than managing onsite teams. When managing remote teams, employers and managers still need to set goals and objectives, provide resources and feedback to employees, and make sure essential support is available, regardless of location. Managers should always be on the lookout for opportunities that allow employees to engage and collaborate with one another, work to build trust, and treat employees as professionals. A good manager understands how to leverage the strengths and uniqueness of employees for different tasks in a way that is the most effective and efficient for the company.


  • Individual Productivity and Well-Being

Working from home can be a huge adjustment for many, especially employees that thrive in an office environment. Many employees often struggle to make a smooth transition from working in the office every day to working remotely at home, and therefore it is important for employees to take the necessary steps to help them maintain their performance when they must work remotely. Employees working from home need to set and maintain boundaries between work and home spaces, practice strict time management, establish a routine for the workday and stick to it, and try as much to reach out to other employees that are also working from home to keep employee engagement and morale high during uncertain times.

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