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Have you ever imagined that you can download an enterprise application from marketplace and use it right away? No need to configure it and worry about backend coding. In the traditional development process, most IT projects last three to six months and fail at a rate of about 95%. The majority of projects fail for a variety of reasons, including expectations that aren’t met, shifting market conditions, and so on.

Developing an app from the ground up to meet all of your business’s criteria is no small task these days. As a result, we tend to overlook the complexities of application development and overlook the need for both time and resources. An IT team of this caliber is required to operate essential business systems, increasing expenditures.

If you do not want to start from a drawing board and are looking for ready-to-use enterprise-grade solutions which have the potential to save a lot of time and cost too, look no further. It is time for you to try CloudApper No-Code Platforms’ Pre-built apps from Marketplace. CloudApper’s Marketplace is a host to business-ready enterprise-grade solutions. Download and simply put in your credentials and hit the button, – It is that simple.

Let’s Look Into Some of CloudApper’s Top Apps 

Facilities Management 

CloudApper’s robust facility management software streamlines facility operations and asset management. Employees save time with this simple web and mobile software that provides immediate access to facility details, operating data, and emergency protocols. The facilities management software is a highly configurable system for managing businesses’ buildings, equipment, and maintenance operations. It uses a mobile application to deliver real-time access to workspace productivity, emergency, and compliance management data from anywhere.

CMMS Software 

The CloudApper CMMS software is a mobile and cloud-based solution for managing enterprise assets and equipment and maintenance schedules, inventories, work order routing, and reporting. Employees can work more efficiently with the solution, and management can see the state of their assets and maintenance plans in real-time. It helps to gain better maintenance knowledge, reduce downtime, and track technician movement. 

Fleet Management

CloudApper Fleet is a fleet management application that assists businesses in automating duties such as vehicle maintenance, accident risk reduction, operator utilization, and telematics and GPS tracking system implementation. Users can use their cellphones to get real-time information and record data such as video clips to boost efficiency and productivity.

SalesForce Monitoring Software 

Sales representatives frequently work in different places, making it difficult for the team to work together. SalesQ allows businesses to track field sales agents’ daily movements and work and visit information and sales orders. This cutting-edge field sales force tracking system increases employee accountability while improving employee engagement. Managers can examine a sales rep’s check-in data in real-time using geo-fencing to avoid reporting inconsistencies.

Safety Management 

CloudApper Safety is a powerful EHS software that assists businesses in creating a safer workplace while minimizing administrative overhead. Our simple mobile app for OSHA recordkeeping and workplace injury and illness allows your staff to quickly and easily log occurrences, accidents, near misses, and observations wherever they happen. It’s never been easier to comply with safety regulations to avoid penalties and decrease operational costs!

Besides the mentioned software above, CloudApper offers other pre-built applications available in the Marketplace, which are highly customizable and easy to use. 

Benefits of CloudApper Marketplace

  • By Downloading applications from CloudApper’s Marketplace, You are saving lots of time and money.
  • There are varieties of applications to choose from the Marketplace.
  • All the applications are fully customizable with drag and drop editors.
  • All the applications have been tested thoroughly, so there is no chance of error. 


There’s no need to start from scratch; simply download the application you need from our Marketplace. Customize the downloadable solutions to match your business needs if they don’t meet your demands. The ready-to-use CloudApper applications will save you a significant amount of time, money, effort, and workforce.

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