Twitter Poll Results on the Future of the Cloud and Biometric Identification Management

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Recently we ran a poll on our Twitter account that asked the question:  Are Cloud applications the future of biometrics?. Thank you to those in our community who participated in the poll and retweeted/shared it with others. Here are the final results:

  • 44% – Yes
  • 33% – No
  • 23% – Maybe

Interestingly, the poll shows mixed results from participants. Most of them agreed that cloud applications are the future of biometric identification management, but one third polled do not agree, and almost one fourth aren’t quite sure. What could be the reason behind these mixed results?

Why is the cloud the future of biometric identification management?

Currently, multimodal biometrics are widely used in government projects, fintech, and within private companies but unfortunately most of these deployments tend to be expensive, risky, and time consuming. However, these problems could be eliminated by adopting a cloud biometric system. Using cloud biometrics, end users don’t have to use an in-house team to manage the system. Plus, the cloud offers a faster and more convenient way to manage and maintain a database than traditional biometric services.

Cloud biometrics reduces the cost of buying, setting up, and maintaining an expensive infrastructure which has proven to be a huge burden for startup companies. The cloud also offers parallel processing capabilities which allow several people the ability to work with the same data simultaneously.

As an example, cloud biometrics are predicted to be an essential part of student tracking in the future. Many schools are adopting student tracking software backed by cloud based biometric technology. There are multiple benefits of implementing a student tracking system in the cloud including:

  • Tracking students in real time
  • Checking in automatically to the classroom, library, cafeteria, or gym
  • Reducing the inefficiencies and safety risks of a manual, paper based tracking system

Financial organizations are rapidly adopting biometric cloud computing too, fueled by a younger generation seeking convenience and speed  who are comfortable with using this service for biometric security, according to a recent survey.

The Advantages of Cloud Biometrics

Cloud biometrics have some core advantages which include:

  • Cost Effective: Cloud biometrics will save you time and money by reducing management time and time spent calculating accurate work hours, plus it minimizes payroll costs.
  • Easy Deployment: Cloud biometric identifications have convenient deployment options which include smart spaces, access control applications, mobile application, and ambient intelligence environments.
  • Speed: Cloud-based biometric applications are less complex system than traditional biometric applications, which helps to provide faster identification. Cloud systems can accept or reject identities within seconds.
  • Parallel processing: Cloud computing can help you with parallel processing capabilities. In this way, you are allowed to simultaneously work on the same data with other colleagues at the same time.


Cloud applications are truly the future of biometric identification management but at this moment every company isn’t prepared to integrate into the cloud. The cloud has some challenges in the way of progress, but all indicators prove that it will overcome the challenges and be the go to platform for all future digital identification programs. We invite you to view the results of our survey, and ask for your opinion.

In your opinion, is the cloud the future of biometric identification management?

What other polls on the use of biometrics would you recommend?

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