Are Biometrics a Threat to Your Family’s Safety?

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Biometric identification has already become a mainstream security technology. With the help of biometric technology, airports and border control agencies have adopted paperless verification systems, mobile companies including Apple and Samsung implement fingerprint technology on their devices, top banks embrace biometric security systems to secure the data safety of their clients. It isn’t a matter of government or international organizations anymore. It becomes a part and parcel of our daily life, but are we sure that it won’t affect us and our family?

In short, the answer is no. You may have a few concerns about this technology, but it isn’t unexpected at all. Every new modern technology including computers and mobile phone come with security concerns and risks. In the end, all of these concerns proved as baseless rumor and make our lives easier than ever before. However, we just have to be careful and aware of the misuse of these technologies.

For example, a ransom attack named wannacry affected 200,000+ computers across 150 countries in May 2017, but who stopped using a computer after that incident? Security issues will always remain for the technical stuff, but we shouldn’t throw these out in fear of security risk.

What are Biometrics?

Biometrics is a smart technology which can recognize a person by his/her physical or behavioral characteristics with previously stored data. The most prominent biometric modalities are fingerprints, iris, retina, voice, and face recognition. As every human is unique so is his/her attributes too, biometrics is now considered to be the safest option for security.

Major Concerns

Though it is already proved that there is no reason to be panicked about biometric technology, a little portion of people is still concerned about their personal data security. We agree that these concerns aren’t completely baseless, but these are soluble too. Let’s talk about the major concerns and solutions of biometric technology below.

Privacy violation: One of the main concerns of biometric technology is it will make privacy violation easier against your family members. Not only governments but also many agencies and corporate organizations will keep our data which could be used in illegal ways and cause devastation in privacy issue.

Data risk: There is always a chance of data going missing. If by any chance that happens, the cost is very high as we can’t change our biometric traits such as our fingerprints. However, the organizations and government agencies who take this data are well aware of this risk and they strictly maintain the security issue.

Low Accuracy: Some say that biometric machine fails to match a person correctly. It happens when you use a low-quality biometric product. This type of incident is very rare in the quality biometric scanner. To protect your family member’s physical or behavioral traits, make sure to validate the authenticity and legitimacy of whom you are providing the data.



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Complexity: Some people find the whole procedure a bit complex as all of our family members aren’t comfortable with technology or more specifically biometric devices. But the matter is when you will be used to with this technology, you will find this as a convenient system for sure.

Family: Who should get the first priority in terms of privacy? It is family for sure, isn’t it? You may have some concerns about biometrics but are they valid? Biometrics is the safest option to keep the security tight for your family members. Even there are some family apps which are doing fantastic and connect you with your family more than ever.

Though biometric technology isn’t a new technology anymore, it is still in its growing period to make itself more convenient and efficient. If you are concerned about the security of your family members, biometrics is the best option for you.

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