6 Ways A CRM Can Increase Sales And Grow Your Business

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When it’s implemented and used correctly, CRM has the potential to deliver improved lead quality, increased productivity, stronger customer relationships, better communication, lower costs, and ultimately increase sales and grow your business. You know why, or how? It’s mainly because CRM holds the key actionable customer data that can be used to increase the average order value and number of purchases from your customers.

Therefore, if you need more sales and revenue, you need to use more and more CRM data to give your sales team the opportunity to upsell. Here we will now discuss six more ways CRM can be used to increase sales:

1. Cross-Selling

Cross-selling is the process of increasing sales revenue by satisfying additional complementary needs that are unfulfilled by the original product sold. CRM allows you to see the complete history of every customer’s purchases and automatically recommend new products to buy from you.

2. Target KPI’s

What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get improved. By setting and tracking KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for every team member using CRM data, everyone keeps their eyes on the prize.

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3. Reporting

Stop wasting your time copying, pasting, and creating spreadsheet formulas just to see how your business is performing. It can all be done for you automatically with CRM. CRM reports can also be used to improve sales efforts and forecasting by identifying new opportunities, sales trends, and more.

4. Marketing Automation

A CRM is a basis for all marketing automation tools. Email, social, advertising, web… it all ties to your customer’s CRM profile. Ultimately, by integrating your CRM and marketing automation software, your team can generate more qualified leads, achieve better visibility among the target audience, and shorten the overall sales cycle.

5. Customer Happiness

By having a system in place for supporting your customers via CRM, you can turn a disgruntled customer into your biggest fan. These fans will then start to return the favor by spreading word of mouth about your products and services to their friends and family. This way you can turn “support” into a success!

6. Mobile Access

Try running Excel from your phone. That’s not a pretty picture. With a mobile-first CRM, your sales team can perform their routine tasks right through the mobile app, removing dependencies on a computer, and enabling teams to be more productive.

When it comes to ways of increasing sales using CRM, the implementation of the right CRM software is the first of the actionable steps you need to take. One such software is the CloudApper CRM. It is the easiest app for relationship management with existing and potential customers. This modern web and mobile app accelerates the process of capturing and qualifying leads while keeping track of interactions between company representatives, and existing or potential customers.

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