3 Signs Your Office Is Not Secure

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Is your office secure? Can you save your office from an unwanted intruder? Do you have all the technology and supports? No doubt, if your office is not secure your asset inside your office is not secure, your employees are not safe. Your business is not secure. But how do you know if your office is secure or not?  Here are the 3 warning signs that signals your office is not safe, you should take prompt action if one of these signs represents your office.

1. You are still following a manual visitor management system

If you are still following a manual process to track your visitor, I must say it is high time you should change it. You should deploy an automated system to keep track of your visitors. Here is the reason why you should do it. A paper-based system is not enough to secure your office, because you have no idea about a visitor, you can’t rely only on their given information, you need some other technology to detect their past visit history so that you can safeguard your office from an unwanted visitor.  So, if you are still following a manual visitor log book for managing your visitor, it is a big signal that your office is not secure.

2. You only rely on CCTV Camera

CCTV camera can give you the picture, but you can’t give you offenders name, their demographic data, their visit history. Even you can hardly detect offender again if you only rely on CCTV camera. So you need both to safeguard your office premises, a CCTV camera for recording and a system to record your visitors’ data. So, that you can detect them quickly when required and analyze their visit and can blacklist them to restrict their further entry. So, if you are only using a CCTV camera for office security, it is a sign that your office is not secure.

3. You don’t have the modern visitor management system

If you are using a conventional visitor management system to safeguard your office, you might be a considerable risk. No doubt, it’s a sign that your office is not secure. The conventional visitor management system mostly applies RFID card, pin or password system to secure access. All this system have become backdated and have so many loopholes that can cause a security breach in your office.  A pin can be easily guessed, and a password can be lost or hacked or passed on, RFID card can be duplicated. In fact, all these systems have become back-dated that hardly can save your office from an intruder. For tight security, you need a modern, cutting-edge system that is convenient, fast and effective and nearly impossible to forge. No doubt, it is biometric technology, the most modern, state of the art technology that can not be manipulated, forged or spoofed.

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