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How to Improve your Home Wi-Fi

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A strong wireless networking framework is the keystone of an apartment or home, as no one wants to be glued to a desktop if they have other choices. But Wi-Fi is one of the most infuriating equipment to set up and troubleshoot. If you are afflicted by slow reception, sluggish speeds, and other Wi-Fi problems, here are some of the tried-and-tested ways you can boost your home Wi-Fi.

So, let us dig in!

Select an Optimal Place for Your Router

Not all spots are appropriate to place your router. To begin with, avoid keeping your router near metal appliances and items that release electromagnetic waves. One of the top impediments of Wi-Fi signal is metal. The closer it is placed to your Wi-Fi router, the larger the dead zone it creates.

Similarly, if your home router has external antennas, then try to align them vertically to boost coverage. Even elevating the router helps. Just mount it high on the top shelf or wall to enjoy better connectivity.

Keep the Firmware of Your Router Updated

Before you start making alterations, we would recommend you to update the firmware of your router. Most router manufacturing companies keep improving their software to squeeze out a bit more speed. The difficulty level of updating your home router depends upon your device model and manufacturer.

Add an External Antenna

If your home router depends on internal antennas, try adding external antennas to get more strong signals. Most routers sellers give you a separate set of antennas so you can add them yourself when needed. In case you cannot find those, several router manufacturers sell these antennas separately, so you can easily purchase them.

An important thing to understand here is the difference between omnidirectional and directional antennas. The former transmits signals in all directions while the latter only sends them in one particular direction. Majority of the built-in antennas are omnidirectional, so before you buy an external one, it should be labeled high-gain to really make an impact.

Upgrade Your Out-dated Hardware

By making the most out of your current device, you may be able to save some additional bucks, but at the expense of better performance. Your equipment does not necessarily have to be broken for you to invest in a new one. So, if you purchased your router many years ago, you might be using sluggish 802.11n standard. Perhaps, it is high time to upgrade your obsolete hardware.

Get Mesh Wi-Fi System or A Range Extender

Some new routers now offer a better range than the old ones that you may have at your home. However, most people still are not fully satisfied with their range coverage. If you want your network to cover a region greater than the router’s capability, or if there are many walls and corners, then performance will naturally suffer.

To resolve this issue, we would suggest you get a range extender or a mesh Wi-Fi system and enjoy strong signals in any corner of your home.

Get Rid of Wi-Fi Intruders

It is also possible that the Wi-Fi range or interference is not the reason behind your network issues. If your network has a weak password or is open, then you could encounter unwanted guests or two streaming videos or downloading large files on your network.

If you suddenly begin to experience slow speeds and multiple delays, then change your password immediately and make it a habit of changing it after every few months.

Change Channel to Avoid Congestion

One of the biggest issues is interference, especially for people living in highly populated regions. Signals coming from other wireless networks, phone systems, microwaves, and other electronic devices can affect speeds.

Most routers automatically select a suitable channel for you, but you may face signals congestion if nearby wireless networks also use the same channel.

Bottom Line

We hope that these quick fixes assist you in improving your Wi-Fi performance. Always run an internet speed test before blaming your Wi-Fi. If it does not match with your internet bill, then it is time to choose a better internet service.

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