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How HR Can Improve Staff Training with an LMS

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To thrive a business needs to keep its employees up to date with the latest news and training available. As you would expect technology is at the forefront of delivering training solutions. One such solution is called Learning Management Systems (LMS).

What is LMS? How can LMS be successfully used by HR to keep employees up to date?

Read on to learn all you need to know about a learning management system and how your business can benefit from

What Is LMS?

Learning Management Systems are software applications that can be used to deliver online training to all staff members. eLearning consulting is a very popular way of learning as it can be done remotely.

There are many benefits of integrating an LMS with HR, the remainder of this guide will explain how.

How Do You Train Your Staff?

Do your staff look forward to training or is it seen as an inconvenience?

Many businesses train their staff using old methods. This usually involves gathering everyone together in a conference room armed with a pen and pad to listen to the trainer to deliver the necessary changes. For many, this training method feels outdated and not in keeping with the modern business world.

Thanks to innovative ideas becoming popular many businesses have changed their training methods. The goal is to still deliver high-quality training but to make it more engaging, relevant, accessible, and even fun!

Keeping your staff trained to a high standard not only boosts their wellbeing as they feel invested in but helps your business as they feel more valued as an employee.

Switching to use an LMS means you can deliver carefully crafted training content to your staff when they need it.

The Benefits of Using an LMS

Integrating an LMS with your HR function can vastly enhance your companies training programs. Key benefits include –

  • Mobile. Thanks to advancements in mobile technology it is possible to learn anywhere, all you need is an internet connection! The benefit here is your employees can access training materials from their location or even home if appropriate. This saves having to get everyone together at one physical location which means less disruption for staff.
  • Collaboration. A great benefit of using online learning is that all learners and trainers can work together. They can discuss ideas, suggestions, and changes to gain a better understanding and improve further.
  • Engaging. Online training can involve many aspects including reading, videos, quizzes, and much more. Thanks to this variety it can be much more engaging than simply sitting a room listening to someone.
  • Personalized. Instead of delivering every training package to all staff, you can personalize it to each employee. This means they only do training that is relevant to them.
  • Accessibility. All training content can be accessed online which means trainers and trainees can have access anytime. It also means the material will be the most up to date.
  • Efficiency. Delivering online learning should mean greater efficiency as there will be less time spent traveling to training, staff will be more engaged, and have the most up to date materials. All staff should have access to all training if appropriate which cuts down on people missing training sessions.

Further Reasons LMS Can Enhance Training

Retaining employees is important, after all, you invest time and money training them so if they leave quickly you are at a loss. Amazingly, one-third of employees quit their job within the first 6 months. A key reason cited is poor training and lack of engagement. Many employers are using an LMS to help improve the training standards and boost staff retention.

Estimates also show that businesses using a learning management system for training see a 50% boost in productivity. Not only do these companies have better productivity but 72% felt they are more competitive and able to keep their staff up to date.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing a learning management system means that HR can deliver quality training to all staff and track progress much easier. Data shows businesses fare better when offering online learning via an LMS plus staff are happier, more engaged, and likely to remain an employee for longer.

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