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Business Mobile Phone Tracking | Top Apps for Personnel Management

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GPS-based apps are the best tool to help you track your personnel’s transitions and do a bunch of other important tasks.

Suppose you are an owner of shipping, construction, travel, landscaping, quick delivery, medical service, or other company. In that case, it might be essential for you to know about your employee’s location in real-time. 

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In this article, we cover the most popular and effective GPS-based apps for personnel tracking. You’ll discover:

  • The principles of how GPS-based apps work
  • Benefits you get with a personnel-tracking application
  • Top 5 most effective employee tracking apps as of today


Let’s get started!

Employee Tracking Apps: How Do They Work?

The app sends data from your employee’s devices to your phone or computer. The information transmitted is about location, but you can also receive data on when your staff starts and ends daily routines, get access to the calls, e-mails, pictures, etc.

Most apps are equipped with reporting functionality, helping you get valuable insights on a person’s productivity both at a certain moment or in a longer perspective.

You can use the app data for control, management, and decision-making, like deciding on bonuses for your employees’ most productive. 

Many apps also go beyond mere tracking and make all-in-one business solutions. They may be a great tool for business analysis services, as they give deeper insights into time and resource spending.

Advantages of Employee-Tracking Apps for Businesses

GPS-based employee tracking can streamline business operations, enhance control over employees, and cater to savings in time, resources, and finance. 

Here’s a more detailed list of benefits you may get:

  1. Warning and Prognoses

Imagine your delivery truck got stuck in a huge traffic jam, or, on the contrary- one of your employees breaks the speed limit. In the first case, you may warn the client about the delay in time and ask other drivers to choose an alternative route.

The second situation may be a sign that the car is stolen, or there is another issue. Having real-life updates on your staff location may signal impending dangers and prevent unpleasant situations, reducing the risk of interrupted operations.

  1. Effective Staff Management

Mobile tracking apps will help you know when your employees are chilling during working hours and perform their tasks without due diligence. This information may be a basis for termination of a contract with a person who doesn’t treat working routines responsively.

On the contrary, you may send a bonus to a person who took the least amount of pauses and proved to be the most hardworking.

  1. Streamlined Business Operations

Mobile tracking apps may be very helpful when you need to distribute the workforce adequately. For example, you own a development company, and one of your teams requires extra helping hands. A location-based app shows you which other team is there at a certain moment, so you can issue an order for them to relocate in real-time.

  1. Enhanced Reporting

Reporting makes a lot of hardships in managing field workers. With the tracking apps that feature clock-in/-out functionality, you may automate working time count and issue a computerized report with numerous filters. Thus you may have short reports of working hours, per team, per project, location, period, or a person.

  1. New-era Monitoring

With tracking apps, you don’t just know an individual’s location; you also can determine the distance between workers, teams, make automated calculations of which team or an employee can reach the object faster, etc.

This can be done with the help of a single GPS-based app, without expensive, sophisticated software.

Top 5 GPS-Based Tracking Apps

If you want to make employee tracking more effective, boost business operations, and benefit from the enhanced automated reporting, you would like to try out one of the most popular tracking apps available on the market.

We have chosen the best tracking apps based on the following criteria: ease of use, functionality, flexibility, and integrability. Our selection includes:

  1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff goes far beyond a single monitoring app; it makes an all-in-one business solution with enhanced functionality and usability.


          See transit time and time spent working for a client separately

          Start and stop button for giving employees the option to choose when they want their data to be recorded

          Geofencing option for automatic clock-in/-out

          Ability to customize settings for each team member separately

          Notifications and reminders to clock-in/-out

          Scheduling shifts

          Alerts if some of the teams didn’t start their work in time

Hubstaff is integrated with about 30 services, including Salesforce, QuickBooks, or TransferWise.

  1. Labour Sync

This app visualizes monitoring via an interactive map, showing where your team members are in real-time. As this is a cloud-based solution, you can access this info from anywhere.


          Interactive map

          Automatic reports filtered by employee, timeframe, or job type

          Butch entry feature allowing multiple employees to use one device

          Scheduling, messaging

Labor Sync meets Department of Defence standards.

  1. Timesheet Mobile

Timesheet mobile is a straightforward, cloud-based solution that streamlines employee-monitoring processes. 


          Real-time synchronization with an employee portal

          Clocking-in and out with a simple tap

          Prompts and notification

          Mileage count

          Enhanced reporting, including expense reports

  1. HourTracker

This app is especially user-friendly in use thanks to straightforward entry and edition data.


          Filtering options

          Automatic overtime

          Expected and reached time alerts

          Notifications (about the end of the working day, when employees arrive or leave an are)

          Filtering (view job by distance)

  1. Glee

Glee is an intuitive tracking app that features all the needed functionality for effective employee tracking. As an additional pro, the app selects different color themes, making it easier to use it in other lighting conditions.



          E-mail or Bluetooth report exporting

          Possibility to run multiple projects

          Unlimited tasks pers projects

          Automated location recording

          Automated timeframe recording


Summing Everything Up

The benefits of GPS technology are availability and simplicity. Any of your employees can use a location-based app via their smartphones. Besides numerous benefits you get for enhancing business operation, employee-tracking apps will allow you to cater to your company security.

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