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How Biometrics Can Protect Your Business

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Cybersecurity is one of the top measures taken in order to protect your company’s data. The era of two-factor authentication is long over, and businesses are forced to seek other ways to maintain security. Fortunately, we have biometrics – state-of-the-art technology commonly used all over the world. It’s about time to implement it in your business and protect it from various threats. 

Biometrics Explained

Biometrics is one of the fastest growing technologies today. It recognizes physical characteristics such as fingerprints or faces in order to grant authentication. Unlike traditional ways, biometrics is extremely difficult to steal or copy making it one of the safest methods of personal and business data protection.

It is not an access card you have to carry with you or a password you need to remember. With biometrics all you need is… you, something that authenticates you.

There are many forms of this technology, but the most widely spread one is fingerprints. When iPhone 5 introduced TouchID, people were amazed and loved the idea of unlocking their phones within milliseconds. Now, the latest models use face recognition. Today we can enjoy the benefits of iris, retina, palm veins, DNA, hand geometry and many more as new biometric solutions are being developed every day.

How Biometrics Protects Your Business

Biometrics has proven to be highly beneficial for companies, both enterprises, and smaller businesses. Miropoint, a company offering web and software development services, states that biometrics protects data and makes it impossible to be stolen, lost or copied, unlike traditional methods. Once implemented it doesn’t have to be changed every month like regular passwords or PIN numbers. How else can your business benefit from implementing biometrics?

Improved accountability

Biometrics enables companies to track their transactions and activities, which minimizes the risk of security breaches. All your employees’ performance can be easily tracked and monitored, not to mention audits will be much more efficient.


Tracking employees’ attendance is another way in which biometrics proves to be useful. Kansas City software development advises integrating biometric devices with time and attendance software in order to increase payroll efficiency. Less paperwork means more time to focus on other more important areas of your business.

Human error minimalized

With traditional methods, there is a high possibility of human error. With one slip of a tongue, your company’s data can be at risk. Proper biometrics implementation limits those chances, keeps your employees safe and protects all data you store.

Restricted access

Biometrics disables unsupervised access to your premises. Only people with permission can enter certain rooms, places, levels in your company. Businesses that keep confidential information do not have to risk security breaches any longer.

Cost efficient

Although implementing biometrics can be a huge cost at first, it can reduce it significantly in the long run. The bigger the company is, the greater the savings. All you need at the beginning is a small fingerprints reader with access to regular updates.

Cashless transaction

A lot of businesses provide catering services for their employees. You may have installed a small canteen on your company’s premises, why don’t you take it to the next level introducing cashless transactions? It will save a lot of time, and be highly convenient for both your employees and the people serving the food.

The Right Biometric System for Your Company

There are a lot of big enterprises that implemented biometrics into their business operations. But small and medium-sized companies are still hesitating whether it makes sense to make use of this technology. Is it going to be cost-efficient? Is it really necessary?

The truth is everything depends on your needs. Choosing the right biometric device is crucial and will definitely help your business prosper, but you need to consider a couple of aspects before you make a final decision.

If you already implemented access cards in your company, then you may want to consider replacing them with biometric devices. Why? Employees won’t have to carry anything, which can stop several problems such as them forgetting or losing the card.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to use one-factor-authentication or multimodal solutions. This strictly depends on the amount of data you store in your company and if it is highly confidential or not. Choose the right approach for your business.

If you are in an e-commerce industry, you may want to implement biometric solutions to improve your customers’ experience. A lot of people tend to forget their passwords, which is the number one factor leading to not finalizing their purchase. A simple fingerprint authentication changes a lot.

Personal data protection is extremely important today. Identity thefts are more common than they once were. Secure the data you store on your company’s servers to protect your employees and save yourself from legal consequences in case of an unexpected security breach.


If you consider all of the above aspects, you may come to the conclusion that biometrics is an excellent investment. Better time management and improved security are among the top reasons for implementing such a solution. Today’s rapid technology evolution requires adjusting to constant changes in the work environment. Don’t hold your business back and let it thrive with state-of-the-art biometrics.


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