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Biometric Technology: Definition, Advantages, and Prospects

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Biometric technology

Biometric is a technical term that incorporated from a combination of two words, bio, and metric. Bio refers to the life and metric represent calculation or measurement. So the term refers to the measurement that is associated with the life characteristics. This technology incorporates in our society to make the identification and surveillance mechanism easy and proactive. The biometric identification method is selected over the traditional methods like pin code, passwords and use to make the system more secure and advance. This article will help us to understand the importance, uses, advantages, and drawbacks of biometric technology.

Why use biometrics over traditional methods?

We are living in a modern world of advancement where technology changes our living standards and have a huge impact on our values. Biometric technology is an automatic or computerized technique that plays a vital role in security and recognizing. It gives advanced recognition or authentication way instead of traditional methods like passwords, pin codes, etc. the use of biometric is getting common in different industries like banks, financial institutions, at airports, medical center, and many other fields. It provides secure and sustainable security benefits to individual or organization and helps to keep information protective from any fraudulent activity. Here are some uses of biometric that play a significant role in society:

  • Biometric is commonly used at banks and financial institutions to secure particular information of an individual or a group.
  • At airports, this technique helps to make sure a transparent mechanism of immigration and individual identification.
  • Different companies or organization shifts towards the use of biometric time clock instead of a traditional way to enroll employee’s attendance.
  • It is also used by the law enforcement department to maintain and keep the record of criminals as well as incorporated for jail management to make the place unbreakable.
  • Biometric also use by companies or different institutions to make their place secure and allowed an only authentic or authorized person to have entry access.
  • Telecommunication companies or mobile manufacture also introduced new biometric security or passwords that provide outstanding security feature to their users and make their data secure.

What is mean by biometric sensors and how it works?

Biometric is a Greek terminology that reflects the combination of two different words, bio means life and metric means measurement. This is the latest technology used for identification by physical or behavioral characters of a person. These behaviors and physical characters are known as biometric sensors that can be a fingerprint, face recognition, voice recognition, eye scanning, etc. these sensors are chosen over the traditional ways of setting passwords to keep information safe. Through biometric sensors is it quite easy to identify a person and provide great opportunity to make safety and protection even easier than a traditional way. This technology makes us recall binary translator where the data is given and the calculator converts it to the binary number system. Here we discuss how these biometric sensors work:

  • Face recognition – in face recognition, computer software identify and verify an individual by scanning its image. This type of recognition normally uses for security systems and even now available in Smartphone as well to lock or unlock the phone.
  • Voice recognition – in voice recognition, a different pattern of speech is analyzed by the system in which frequency and tone of speech processed and helps to identify individual characters.
  • Fingerprint – fingerprint biometric identification normally use by banks, offices and financial institutions to identify their customers and employees. It usually analyzes through a person thumb impression and through a particular pattern of lines.

Advantage of using biometric technology

Through the use of biometric technology, you will be able to eliminate the need for traditional passwords or codes. It can make the security confirmed through a person’s identity that helps to save the documents, information, and privacy. Due to its sustainability and remarkable future benefits, it has the potential that can contribute to society in a positive manner.

Here are some remarkable advantages of using this technology:

  1. This technology is remarkable and using in banks or financial institutions and in government departments to make sure the high-security level. With the help of biometric, it is easy and reliable to recognize an individual.
  2. Biometric system provides the accuracy in authentication because it works through the physical and behavioral traits of an individual. Fingerprint recognition, facial recognition is common traits that are in use by different companies to maintain employee records and for premises security as well.
  3. This technology reduces the chances of any fraudulent activity because physical traits are not possible to be stolen.
  4. The most important point related to biometric is that it is user-friendly, inexpensive and not time-consuming.
  5. Biometric is normally using at airports for security, at banks for customer privacy, at hospitals for maintaining patient’s records as well as for passports, e immigration and for voter registration, it plays a vital role.
  6. It helps to provide authentic verification process for banking tractions, mobile tractions as well as provide a suitable solution for phone locking and unlocking to keep data secure and safe.
  7. Passwords and pin codes are easy to forget and can be hacked but fingerprints provide a secure solution and cannot be hacked or stolen.

How biometric technologies change our lifestyles in the coming years?

Biometric verification system is an emerging trend and changing our lifestyle. It is incorporated in almost every industry and sector to maintain the privacy and security of an individual and for institutions as well. In the near future, we will experience a better adoption of facial recognition technology to access personal devices for reorganization and authentication. It will surely bring change in our judicial and law enforcement institutions by providing them room to have data security by using biometric verification systems and to keep the records of criminals and case file secure. Through this technology, we will be able to share and transfer files and data from one system to another without any threat of being stolen. It will provide security with comfort and easy to use solution that will surely make our life simple, easier and secure.

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2 thoughts on “Biometric Technology: Definition, Advantages, and Prospects

  • December 20, 2021 at 1:57 am

    An excellent article on Bio-metric technology. No doubt that technology is getting critical day by day. Due to technological advancement, we are more exposed to theft and criminality. And we need a way to secure ourselves that is currently possible with biometric technology.

  • December 14, 2022 at 3:05 am

    Thanks for the informative article. Authentication by biometric verification is becoming increasingly common in corporate and public identity management, consumer electronics and point-of-sale applications. I think In addition to security, the driving force behind biometric verification has been convenience, as there are no passwords to remember or security tokens to carry.


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