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Are Biometric Smart Gates the Future of Airport Security?

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The following guest post was submitted by Car Hire Canberra Airport, the car hire company in Australia.

Smart gates; the ideal modern security system in airports

Over the years, the universe has seen various technological advancements. These innovations strive to solve various hitches including economic lag, insecurity, natural calamities. Smart gates have been adapted as new security at airports. It has made the work easier because rightful travelers are handed the freedom to process their passport passage. The smart gate has been created in a way that it matches your passport details to the data stored in its database, therefore allowing only legit travelers past the gate into the airport.

How does it work?

For one to be eligible to use the smart gate in Australia, one must be at least sixteen years of age, travel on a valid passport and have been already registered as a member in the Global Entry program.

The smart gate is automated in a way to match the exact names; that way the security screening process is managed effectively. Ensuring that the name printed on your passport is exactly the same with the one embedded on your traveling pass will ease your journey. It consists of two security checks; the first one checks if you are eligible to match to the next stop. Here, you are required to pass your passport through a scanner that detects a microchip implanted on your passport. This clears that your data is legit, and you are free to march on. The second one requires that you insert your ticket into a slip, and then look up at a camera that successfully through you are free to proceed to the baggage hall and ready to catch your flight.

The benefits of the system

The new security that is enhanced by the introduction of smart gate gives you an option to self-process, giving you an advantage to process your passport identification faster than waiting for the officers to process it for you. It primarily saves you the energy and time.

With the efficiency brought about by the self-process service, congestion in airports has been drastically reduced especially during the travel seasons. This is because machines are faster and convenient compared to human labor.

Security has been tightened over the years in airports, thanks to the accurate security screening enhanced by smart gates. Cases of identity fraud have been cut off therefore improving border security. Use of the chipped passports has improved security significantly to an extent where forging is becoming non-existent. It has majorly achieved its aim.

The recent extensive use of the new security strategy in airports has attracted travelers increasing revenues accumulated from the airports’ running. An increase in revenue created in airports reflects on the national budget, therefore raising the economy to another level.

In conclusion, we can clearly see the transition of foreign investment due to the effectively enabled smart gate that is safe and easier to use. The smart gate has reduced the hustle of using scanners or having to subject travelers to a security check. Equally, it will provide significant benefits profitable to stakeholders rendering it economically friendly, convenient and easy to use.

This informative guest post comes from, the car hire company in Australia.

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