Using Watson Mini and IB Slapshot With eGov’s Custom Identity Management Solutions

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Law enforcement is integral for every government and country – crucial factors such as citizens’ safety and national security depend on it. As a result, governments need to ensure that no gap or loophole jeopardizes law enforcement activities. One surefire way to do that is by digitizing law enforcement management. Typically, government agencies approach system integrators to come up with these solutions. However, some issues cause development cycles to become lengthy, due to integration issues, hardware compatibility issues, etc. Fortunately, platforms like M2SYS eGov are highly configurable and can be easily used with major biometric solutions like Integrated Biometrics’ Slapshot and Watson Mini devices, drastically reducing development time for system integrators.

What is M2SYS eGov?

M2SYS eGov is a no-code platform that system integrators can use to build any identity management solution, by using drag and drop editors and adding custom workflows and automation. Moreover, eGovernance solutions crafted with the platform can be used with all popular biometric hardware and matching engines, making it one of the most reliable and ideal platforms for government digitization projects. As a result, system integrators don’t need to put in extra time to connect biometric solutions – it’s already done by default. Moreover, integrators can effectively configure all of the solutions crafted with M2SYS eGov to match the requirements of government agencies –something that can be achieved without hard coding or programming. All of this leads to a drastically shorter development time for system integrators.

Let’s demonstrate how to utilize biometric solutions with the eGov platform on both web and mobile devices. As previously mentioned, this article will explain how the Watson Mini device for the web and IB’s Slapshot for the mobile version work with M2SYS eGov’s Law Enforcement System.

How Watson Mini and IB Slapshot Work with M2SYS eGov

The M2SYS eGov’s Law Enforcement System is a robust solution that digitizes law enforcement operations, keeps information organized, and helps verify suspects, to mention a few. It’s already being utilized across different law enforcement agencies around the world. Let’s see how the Law Enforcement System works with Watson Mini and IB Slapshot solutions.

In this instance, a police officer, Rick, received a complaint from a citizen: a man wearing a green t-shirt with white stripes was selling marijuana in their neighborhood. Rick recorded the complaint in the Law Enforcement System along with the details provided by the citizen, and based on this information, the police officer captured the suspect. Subsequently, the suspect’s fingerprints would be required during registration – for this, the Watson Mini is used for the web version.

Once the scanning is complete, the relevant information is entered into the Law Enforcement System, and the record is saved.

For field officers, the IB Slapshot solution can be used to quickly identify the accused person using Law Enforcement System’s mobile version. The police officer(s) just need to click on the biometric search option, and instantly, the IB Slapshot interface pops up, instructing to place the fingers in the proper position for scanning. When the suspect’s fingers are placed in position, Slapshot captures and sends the biometric data to the app, which then runs a biometric search to find the accused person – it’s that easy!

Here’s a video that demonstrates the entire process of Watson Mini, IB Slapshot, and M2SYS eGov:

M2SYS eGov Platform Works with Popular Biometric Solutions

That’s just one example – M2SYS eGov can do much more. What we just explained is just one of the solutions made with eGov – system integrators can either choose from existing solutions that can be configured or else create a new one entirely. In addition, all the solutions can be modified without coding and used with popular biometric solutions.

Bring your own hardware and your own matching system – our eGov platform will give you the entire solution required for your government digitization project.

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