Use Any Biometric Hardware Using Mobile Biometrics Software

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To take biometric identification in the field, you need a mobile biometric solution. The biggest challenge of using any mobile device for biometrics is compatibility issues. A separate software solution is required for specific devices, and this creates huge issues for the integrators. With this in mind, M2SYS has developed a Mobile Biometrics Software solution that can be used with any biometric device seamlessly. 

What Is Mobile Biometrics Software?

Mobile biometric systems are mobile applications that contain integrated readers and scanners as well as mobile applications that use biometrics. This includes portable systems as well as smartphone and tablet-based technology. This kind of biometric technology is perfect for field-level needs as it enables quick identification from anywhere. 

There are two main important parts of mobile biometrics. The first is software or mobile applications. The second is a biometric device. The most common modalities of mobile biometrics are fingerprint and facial recognition. Some also use finger veins, but it is not very common. Whatever the modality is, the software or the application is vital, as the application supports not all devices. 

Developing device-specific applications can be a nightmare. This not only takes time but also restricts you to certain vendors. To solve these issues, M2SYS has developed a universal mobile biometrics software solution that can run on all the major hardware platforms pre-integrated.

Mobile Biometrics Software

How Mobile Biometrics Software Works

Biometrics technology as a whole is a complicated system to process. The process gets more complicated when it comes to mobile biometrics, as a smartphone or tablet is not as powerful as a computer. That’s why device-specific software or mobile apps are necessary for capturing biometric data using a mobile device. As mentioned above, the mobile biometrics solution by M2SYS eliminates the need for a device-specific software solution. Depending on the modality you are trying to use, you may or may not need biometric hardware. Here is a table with examples of devices that you can use with mobile biometric devices.

The camera on an Android SmartphoneFingerprint & FaceAndroid Smartphone + Any Bluetooth-enabled Portable Biometric DeviceSecugen Unity 20 Android Smartphone + Any Portable Biometric Device (Connected via OTG) Camera for IBM Watson MiniiOS SmartphoneFace

Using our biometric add-on apps, you can pair any portable biometric device to your Android mobile via USB, OTG, or Bluetooth to collect biometric data and send it to the application you are using. 

Mobile Biometrics Software By eGov

The M2SYS eGov platform provides a variety of government services, including mobile biometrics software, an eLaw enforcement solutions suite, and, the most popular, Citizen Service Software Solutions. This one-of-a-kind system delivers crucial government and citizen services. Here are a few applications that you can use really quickly.

  • The Birth Registration System
  • The Death Registration System
  • The Marriage Registration System
  • Immunization Program for Children
  • Vaccine Registration 
  • Farmers’ Cooperative

You can easily use these applications from anywhere in the world by implementing mobile biometrics. It is an entirely plug-and-play solution for hassle-free field-level biometrics needs. If you want to get a FREE DEMO please get in touch with us today, 

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