Redefine Law Enforcement Agency with eLaw Enforcement Solution Suite

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The means of keeping the peace and prosperity of a nation depends on how effective the law enforcement agency is. A single law enforcement agency is not enough to deal with all the judicial activities, as intervention from multiple agencies is often required. A transparent flow of information is necessary for this complex ecosystem to function properly. To ensure transparency and accountability, there is no alternative to a single unified system. 

What Is a Law Enforcement Agency?

To put it simply, a law enforcement agency is a government-controlled organization responsible for enforcing laws and regulations on the general mass. By law enforcement agency, we do not only mean the police or military. It is the whole system that consists of different judicial organizations. Each of these agencies is connected to keep the judicial system functioning. 

The three main sorts are local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The police and sheriff’s departments are among the local law enforcement authorities. The state or highway patrol are examples of state agencies. The FBI and the US Secret Service are two federal agencies. Finally, there are agencies whose objective is to offer law enforcement services, as well as agencies that include a law enforcement department or component as part of a larger organization. 

The functions of law enforcement agencies will vary from country to country, along with the processes. The agency hierarchy in the US will differ from those in the UK. Apart from the local agencies, there are international agencies like Interpol, the British Secret Intelligence Service, and more. Local or international law enforcement agencies deal with some complex situations. All these agencies work together to maintain law and order. To facilitate cross-agency collaboration, a unified system is a must. 

eLaw Enforcement Solution Suite

The actions of law enforcement differ greatly between countries. As governments worldwide digitize and automate arduous operations, we’re left with custom software development options. Solution development from the ground up risks quality and the time of various stakeholders. In addition, global crime rates have increased the pressure on law enforcement to control urban violence, combat organized crime, and prevent national security threats. 

There are many solutions out there for different agencies, but the ones that facilitate cross-agency communication are quite low in number. For example, police work is related to correctional facilities, so the border patrol has to coordinate with the police, courts, and prison management. 

All other agencies can access the data in real-time if the database is placed in the cloud or a central location. With biometrics authentication enabled, identification and enrollment are simple. The best part is that thousands of devices are pre-integrated into the system that facilitates field biometrics needs. 

Solutions by eLaw Enforcement

The eGov Law Enforcement Suite was intended to meet government law enforcement organizations’ identification and data management demands. An updated system allows offenders to be accurately connected and tracked. Under the law enforcement solution suite, there are multiple solutions. These solutions can be operated as a single unit, or the whole solution can be deployed. Here are a few of the most commonly used solutions. 

The Law Enforcement Management System

The eGov Law Enforcement Management System is an integrated platform for case management, investigations, booking, demographic databases, automated biometric identification systems (ABIS), and lots more. In addition, law enforcement agencies can use the web and mobile apps to record and retrieve data on-demand, and the solution can be changed to fit their needs.

The Border Management System

The Border Management System streamlines airport and border security checkpoints’ repetitive, numerous passport examinations. As a result, border authorities may use this system to identify travelers swiftly and correctly.

Parole Management

 The Parole Management Solution helps parole officers identify and handle case papers, parole terms and length, visits, and parole violation instances. The system includes GPS monitoring for location and attendance.

Prison Management System

The Parole Management Solution helps parole officers identify and handle case papers, parole terms and length, visits, and parole violation instances. The system includes GPS monitoring for location and attendance.

Military Base Management

Biometric identification limits unlawful entrance and leave, flags questionable or hazardous visitors, and secures guns, ammunition, and confidential data. In addition, our system manages inventories and schedules facility, equipment, and vehicle maintenance.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. All these solutions can be used under one platform, or any single solution can be deployed and customized to suit any specific need. Let us know if you are interested in any of these solutions.

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