Make Birth Registration More Accessible Using the Watson Mini Fingerprint Scanner

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Digitalization touches every part of our lives. It starts from the very first day of our lives to the very last, thanks to digital birth registration and death registration. Let’s focus on making birth registration more accessible using mobile biometrics. 

What is Birth Registration

The procedure of registering a child’s birth is known as birth registration. It is a lifelong and official record of the presence of a child, as well as a legal acknowledgment of that child’s citizenship. At the very least, it creates a legal record of where the baby was born and the names of their parents. A child must be registered in order to get a birth certificate, which is their first legal evidence of identification.

Not only is birth registration a basic human right, but it also contributes to the preservation of children’s other entitlements, such as the right to be protected from abuse and access to critical social services like health care and education. The data gathered from birth registration records assists governments in deciding where and how to spend money, as well as what regions to prioritize for development programs like education and immunization.

Once a child is registered, a certificate is issued to prove that the registration was successful and the child’s information is stored. Most underdeveloped countries and many developing countries do not record child registration. The ones who do record it use the old pen and paper method, which takes forever to document a child and risks the chance of misplacing the data. Managing the registration and generation of certificates was only a matter of time. Developing nations are practicing the digital system for birth registration. It is high time other countries started as well. 

How a Digital Birth Registration Works with the Watson Mini Fingerprint Scanner

The manual pen & paper-based birth registration is not only outdated but also poses many risks. From missing out on important information to completely misplacing documents, manual registration can be a mess. That’s why implementing a digital birth registration system is so important. A digital birth registration system has a web application and a mobile app that is used to register a child into the system and generate a certificate. Here is a simple demonstration of how you can use the birth registration app with the Watson Mini Fingerprint Scanner. 

1. General Information: First, register the child into the system by providing a few basic details: the registration number, registration center, the legal guardian, and so on. 

2. Child’s information: Second, add the newborn’s details. This information may include their name, place of birth, and so on.

3. Guardian details: The details of both the father and mother also get added into the system, including names, nationalities, identification numbers, and so on. Then biometric data is provided for future authentication. Any one of the parents can provide the biometric data, and it can be any modality like a fingerprint, face recognition, iris, and so on. For this demo, we will only focus on the fingerprint using the Watson Mini Fingerprint Scanner.

Watson Mini Fingerprint Scanner

Adding biometric data is absolutely vital as it provides concrete proof of a parent’s identity. The legal guardian needs to provide their biometrics to authenticate the registration. Here is how you can add the biometric details. 

If you are using a web application, you need to install CloudScanr to capture the fingerprint from Watson Mini. After installing CloudScanr, run the application and connect the device using USB. On the CloudScanr, you will see a number of devices. From there, select the Watson Mini. Now you can capture fingerprints from the birth registration application. 

If you are using a mobile device, you do not need to install CloudScanr, but you do need to install a Watson Mini add-on and connect the scanner using OTG. This device works with any Android device. The Birth Registration app also offers a mobile app that works seamlessly with the web application. 

Certificate Details
Next, provide the necessary details for the certificate and click Save. This will save the details in the database. The database can be cloud-based also on-premise. 

Generate a Certificate
Hit the report module and provide the registration number to generate the certificate. The certificate can be printed and stored within this module. 

A birth certificate is a child’s birthright, and a digital registration system can eliminate the hassle of parents registering their newborn child. The M2SYS eGov platform provides a customizable birth registration system that can be tailored to match your specific needs. To learn more about birth registration applications, please contact us today. 

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