Improving Jail Administration with Prison Management System

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It wasn’t long ago that correctional management system officers around the country used ink to fingerprint detained inmates and Polaroid cameras to register their images. You wouldn’t have to look far in your jail today to locate a supervisor nearing retirement who produced reports on a green-screen computer while holding an actual dictionary. This was the process for maintaining inmate records in both remand and prison divisions, as well as visitor records. This manual record-keeping created a massive file system of millions of papers to be managed.

Using a file-based system produces data inconsistency, redundancy, security issues, delays in report preparation, access issues, and underutilization of resources. Such complex scenarios are often not easy to manage manually; thus, a call for prison management software that will handle these complex tasks. To curb the problems mentioned above, we have developed a prison management system that meets our prospects’ requirements, increasing data accuracy and workflow efficiency, saving time, and improving their prison management service.

A solution was needed to maintain 40 penitentiary centers with 45,000 detainees under 5000 agents. The core requirement was to create a biometric registration process during the inmate booking process to ensure no data duplication to streamline the correctional management system. Filling out the booking forms is an important step. It requires extensive personal information of the detainee, which was further customized in our prison management system as per our prospect’s requirement. They wanted both photographic records, including facial and iris biometrics, and fingerprint records to register the inmates. They also wanted us to create a module to keep a record of medical information and a visit calendar.

Another core requirement was to have three different levels of authorized users. A super admin with access to all the modules, a middle user to update and modify inmate databases, and a simple user with limited access.

Our prison management system is a fully-featured ready platform designed to serve agencies of any size. Our system provides agencies with a modern correctional management system solution that incorporates all aspects of physical security within a correctional facility into a single, fully integrated package. It is easy to customize our platform with drag-and-drop features with several built-in modules. When we received this urgent project from our prospect, with a 48-hour timeline, we were able to customize our system to their requirements and deliver it before the deadline. Our platform is compatible with all types of face, fingerprint, and iris capture tools and biometric matching services. Thus, we can serve any client searching for any biometric identification requirements. We have customized our platform to accurately report all the aspects of an offender’s identification as per our prospect’s requirement, including name, birthdate, address, photograph, and aliases. This automated process is accurate and can match thousands of offenders in real time without having to sift through paperwork or digital databases. Our inmate biometric recognition feature increases the efficiency of prison operations by cutting a facility’s booking time in half and automating manually intensive tasks. The best part of it? It’s 100% secure and incredibly user-friendly.

Our prison management system is incredibly dynamic software for correctional management system, offering on-premise or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted capabilities to meet your agency’s needs. Changing an application/software to meet your facility requirements may be a painful and time-consuming experience in most cases, but not with us. Our software is easy to use, and public access is entirely restricted. We provide customizable dashboards for all levels, including field names, with a role-based user group. Interface engine with other corrections vendors allows for a single point of entry and eliminates data duplication. With extensive reporting capabilities, our platform provides an online library for support or training and hardware interfaces to biometrics, signature pads, ID scanners, and barcode scanning, and self-serve inmate functionality. Our platform provides a practical and appealing way to display the most critical data with a user-friendly interface and simple, intuitive design. Booking an inmate is fast and easy. Add classifications, reports, and routines at the push of a button. Our web-based design allows you to access information from any location. Many agencies worldwide are choosing our platform as their premier provider of prison management software because it’s easy to learn, simple to use, and flexible for your needs, all while remaining affordable. Call or email us today for a demo!

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