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There are various reasons why government digitization projects are so challenging, one of which being multiple integration requirements. If one considers government ID projects, complex requirements – such as additional biometric hardware and software support – are added into the mix. Each of these government projects also requires unique hand-coded solutions, and there are subtle or significant differences that demand customization.

All of these lead to:

  • lengthy and sometimes never-ending development cycles for system integrators
  • half-baked or unfinished solutions

However, with the right platform, these problems can be drastically reduced (and even eliminated), helping use any biometric hardware or software, and minimizing development cycles.

That being said, let’s look at the M2YS eGov platform and how any biometric device and matching engine work with the former’s custom identity management solutions.

M2SYS eGov is the Solution Government Digitization Projects Need

The M2SYS eGov platform has been built using two decades of experience – it’s a platform that consists of several highly configurable eGovernance solutions. Moreover, system integrators can even create custom identity management solutions using the platform – they can drag and drop templates, connect with third-party systems, test, and publish them. But that’s just the start – M2SYS eGov has far more capabilities.

What Makes M2SYS eGov So Different and Compelling?

This eGovernance platform connects virtually any third-party system, biometric hardware, and/or ABIS solution. Basically, M2SYS eGov acts as an OS for government digitization projects.

Since we’ve successfully delivered over a hundred government identity projects, we know the ins and outs of biometrics, how it works, and how to simplify it for system integrators. As a result, our eGov platform is configured to work well with virtually any popular biometric hardware, biometric matching engine, and more. In addition, the platform takes the complexities out of biometric government projects, so that system integrators can focus on other critical aspects.

M2SYS eGov is also open for all, meaning that system integrators can choose whichever biometric hardware, ABIS solution, or third-party system they desire for the project. M2SYS eGov also has its own matching engine for those who require it. Fortunately, the fact that integrators don’t need to write codes to make the biometric hardware or ABIS solution work saves them a lot of time. Moreover, as integrators can easily configure eGov solutions on their own or create new ones, they can reduce up to 95% of their developmental time and costs!

Recent Examples of eGov in Government Digitization Projects

Soldier Rationing that Needed Multimodal Biometrics and Multiple Devices

A Soldier Rationing System was developed using our eGov platform and was recently deployed in a Middle Eastern country. Since its primary purpose is to prevent fraud and unauthorized ration distribution, biometric identification and verification were core requirements.

For this particular project, there were quite a few requirements. For instance, soldiers had to enroll their face, iris, fingerprint, and digital signature in the database – all of which required different biometric hardware. The integrator utilized devices like RealScan G10, Iris Shield Binocular, and Topaz T-L462 USB Signature Capture pad for digital signatures, some of which were used with our platform for the first time. Not only did the entire solution work flawlessly, but it also highlighted how easy it is to use biometric systems with our eGov platform.

Customized Prison Management System Demonstration

We recently received a query where a prospect wanted a customized Prison Management System. They wanted it in their language, available for three different types of users who will have different permissions, as well as information management such as inmate medical information, visitor information, etc.

We developed a Prison Management System from scratch using the eGov platform, and while conventional coding and processes would’ve taken potentially many months, we made it within two days. Moreover, the solution is compatible with all types of biometric capture tools, devices, and matching services. We even made changes they required during the demonstration – something that worked perfectly and blew them away.

M2SYS eGov Is the Solution Your Government Project Needs

Do you have any similar government digitization projects or need configurable solutions? Contact us now to learn how the M2SYS eGov platform can reduce development time and costs.

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