Ghana and Benin To Start Biometric Vehicle Registration and Licenses

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The majority of African countries are gradually using biometric technology, and Ghana and Benin are the newest additions to the list. Ghana is using biometric identification for car registration whereas Benin is introducing a biometric driver’s license.

Benin launched a biometric driver’s license

Since 19th December, the National Agency for Land Transport (ANaTT) and Anip have been collaborating on the rollout of the biometric driving license. The new format outperforms the old one in terms of durability and security without going up in cost. It has a completely new license design. The change from the current three-part paper structure of the driver’s license to a biometric format that is more secure and long-lasting, similar to a bank card, is what we’re discussing here. The move to the new format has no effect on the ANaTT’s usual rates for a new license, renewal, or replacement card. Mr. Alain Hinkati, acting director general of ANaTT, and Cyrille Gougbedji, representative manager of ANIP, held a news conference at ANaTT headquarters on Friday to clarify the situation and indicate that the existing prices will remain in place.

No one will be granted a biometric driver’s license unless their NPI is first verified. In addition to the needed administrative paperwork, the user must produce documentation showing the results of blood grouping tests. They stated that the card is valid for ten (10) years instead of five (5), to slow down the deterioration of the qualities. The Acting Director General of ANaTT, on the other hand, highlighted that the introduction of the new licensing type does not render existing licenses invalid for users who already have such licenses. Previous licenses remain valid and in effect. Before making any choices about whether or not to keep using the old licenses, an adequate transition period will be provided to allow everyone to get the new driving license types. They request that those who have the old format avoid rushing to the ANaTT offices to obtain the new one.

Alain Hinkati also stated that from Monday, particularly at the level of all Anatt annexes, those who were admitted to the licensing exams scheduled in 2022 and who received certificates of success would be able to obtain their biometric driving licenses. The presenters emphasized that the new licensing structure incorporates several safety features. As an alternative to a passport, this biometric license card may be used as proof of citizenship. The cardholder may relax knowing that their national biometric identity card will not need to be renewed anytime soon. According to Cyrille Gougbédji, citizens may require a national biometric identity card, often known as an electronic smart card, for digital purposes that surpass the capabilities of a standard driver’s license.

Ghana adds biometrics for vehicle registration 

The Ghanaian DVLA stated that the new car registration processes will be carried out in two phases, with biometric capture of the vehicle owner taking place during the second step. As previously stated, a Ghana Card will be needed as the primary form of identification starting from January 3, 2023. All individuals with the legal authority to register vehicles on behalf of others, according to the news website, must also present their national ID cards for verification.

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