Why is an identity management system so important in today’s world?

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Businesses that rely on automation to function must now provide safe and secure access to their systems because technology and its growth have become the backbone of every industry.

However, when it comes to residents’ experience and safety, most governmental and non-profit organizations are unable to achieve the level of security and usability they aspire to. As a result, identity management issues in the public sector remain an issue, threatening individuals’ privacy and information security.

What is the greatest approach to ensure strong identity security in the public sector while yet making it user-friendly? This is where the identity management system comes into play.

For many years, an identity management system has been vital in ensuring transparency between organizations and employees. It has been a game changer because it offers the highest level of security while also providing an excellent user experience. This article will help you understand the many features of Identity Management Systems.

What is an Identity Management System?

An identity management system ensures that only authorized individuals from a certain organization have access to restricted resources. When unauthorized personnel or programs attempt to access such resources, whether from within or outside the office’s boundaries, the identity management system raises alerts and alarms, prohibiting unlawful access to systems and resources, the infiltration of any organization or protected data, and unauthorized access.

How does an Identity Management System work?

Identity management systems perform three major functions: identification, authentication, and authorization. In other words, only those who require access to computers, hardware, software, or other information technology resources should be able to do so or carry out specific tasks.

The identity management system majorly includes:

  • A database that contains the details of the specific people of the organization;
  • Tools that are responsible for monitoring, modifying, and deleting profiles;
  • A system to audit and access the login history.

Identity management to secure citizen’s records: Boost to eGovernance

Given the population growth, cities must be inventive in servicing everyone while maintaining good services, considering that all facilities are placed on a single platform, as well as the client experience.

The use of identity management systems in the government sector is a good place to start because it is used to monitoring citizens across several channels without affecting the user experience.

Given this, the government can implement a powerful identity management system that ensures citizens’ high security and monitors citizens without their physical presence to safeguard their safety. Several factors connect the people and the government, a few of which are listed below.

Password-less Login

Passwords can be easily guessed or stolen, especially in the case of older persons who do not use separate passwords for different accounts. As a result, older people are much more prone than younger people to have their accounts hacked and their identities stolen.

Luckily, citizens won’t have to remember another password thanks to a password-less login system that streamlines the registration and authentication process. As a result, when there is no password to hack in the first place, the vulnerabilities lessen.


In this ever-evolving technological era, it is critical to create decentralized data, including personal, identifying information. It is also vital to have a centralized system in the form of an identity management system to maintain the same. M2SYS eGov, which has been working with the government and other private organizations, guarantees that this system will play an important role in connecting the masses to corporate and government sectors and allowing them to work efficiently and securely.

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