Biometric Attendance System by M2SYS eGov for Sanitation Workers

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Biometrics is no longer limited to crime investigation, despite its widespread application in law enforcement. Wherever human identification is required, biometrics has become a pervasive technique of identifying. Biometrics system is the fundamental technology that allows humans to be identified, from fingerprint attendance systems at office entrances to fingerprint unlocking on cell phones.

Realizing the necessity, the Municipal Corporation wanted to implement a biometric attendance system for sanitation workers in the city.

This system was executed in response to reports of terrible sanitary conditions and repeated complaints from city councilors about a lack of cleaning employees. Over the next few days, biometric devices will be put into effect in phases. Many councilors claim that contractors are maintaining sanitation systems with non-existent “ghost personnel.”

“While they claim to have roughly 300 employees on paper, the number of people who actually do the job is closer to 50.” According to a local official, “the agency owners acquire false thumb imprints to prove that all 300 are functional. Many employees aren’t always on time. They were not caught since there was no technological device to check them. The authorities have now decided to install biometric machines and link their salaries to their attendance automatically.”

Biometric workforce solutions are being widely applied throughout both the public and private sectors, according to However, the experience is not always smooth and uninterrupted. For example, a government agency in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, has implemented a fingerprint-based attendance system, which experiences machine malfunctions and allows ‘buddy-punching.’

Similarly, the Municipal Corporation reached out to other alternative organizations, finding reports of the machine malfunctioning and performances not up to the mark.

Finally, the Municipal Corporation reached out to M2SYS eGov to install a biometric attendance system. After receiving their requirement, M2SYS eGov installed the system, which was made mandatory for all employees to use to record their attendance. Employees will receive their compensation as per their attendance and working hour data in the M2SYS eGov biometric attendance system.

The successful deployment of our biometric system helped the Municipal Corporation to accurately track the active number of sanitation employees in the city and disburse their compensation accordingly.

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