Cloud-based biometrics: What you need to know before choosing a vendor

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Cloud-based biometrics isn’t relatively new; it’s actually been around for quite some time. While biometrics itself is used in many projects, such as border management, prison management, law enforcement, and healthcare, cloud-based biometric solutions are beneficial for customer identification, employee identification, biometric time clock, and visitor identification, among others.

Using cloud-based biometric APIs has its benefits. For instance, they can be used from anywhere, require no maintenance from the organization’s end, and are typically easy to deploy and use. While there are several cloud-based biometric solutions available, which one should you choose for your biometric project? Let’s explore what you need to know before choosing a cloud-based biometrics solution and how CloudABIS might be the one for your biometric project.

What to look for in a cloud-based biometrics solution

Which biometric modality does it support?

When the time comes to choose a biometrics vendor, one of the deciding factors becomes the biometric modality it provides. The most common modalities are fingerprint, facial recognition, finger vein, and iris scanning, which are widely used across different industries for subject identification. The biometric modality required depends on the organization’s needs. For instance, a manufacturing plant might want to use fingerprints to identify employees, whereas hospitals and health systems would prefer touchless modalities, line facial or iris scanning, for patient identification due to infection control concerns.

Fortunately, cloud biometric APIs, like CloudABIS, provide multimodal support to customers. CloudABIS indeed supports fingerprint, finger vein, facial recognition, and iris scanning, providing ultimate flexibility to customers. Users can easily connect CloudABIS with their existing solutions and use their preferred modalities. This way, customers can change modalities down the line or even use multimodal biometric verification for sensitive use cases.

Are there any integration hassles?

One of the biggest concerns users have when it comes to choosing a biometric vendor is integration with their existing solution. Integration can be a huge challenge for many organizations, and if not kept simple, can require a lot of time, effort, and resources to implement properly. As a result, regardless of the capabilities of the biometric solution, if integration takes weeks or months, it can be a dealbreaker for most organizations.

Our multimodal cloud-based biometric API, CloudABIS, is a plug-and-play solution that can be seamlessly integrated with ANY third-party system. This means that whatever application you want CloudABIS to work with, it can be done in a matter of hours thanks to its easy integration capabilities.

Which biometric hardware or software do I need to use?

Typically, with biometric ABIS solutions, customers are limited to using the biometric hardware or software (biometric capture tools) supported by them. While that might not be a major issue for many, the problems become apparent when customers start facing them. For instance, the supported device might be ineffective. In that case, the customer has to use it until it changes its current biometric vendor, which can be a huge hassle. This issue is known as vendor lock-in. Essentially, the customer is “locked in” with the solution and device.

However, CloudABIS doesn’t have any such restrictions or requirements as it works with popular biometric hardware and software providers. It supports a wide range of biometric solutions, eliminating vendor lock-ins. As a result, if a customer isn’t satisfied with a device’s performance, they can easily switch to another one without making any major changes. All the customer needs to do is select the new device, and it’s good to go.

How long does it take to deploy the cloud-based biometrics solution?

Most organizations’ final concern regarding cloud biometric solutions is the complexities of the deployment. Indeed, developing and testing can take a lot of time for inexperienced vendors, and deployment itself can require additional time.

Luckily, CloudABIS is a reliable and robust cloud-based biometrics solution that can be deployed within hours. Organizations just need to configure the solution, connect the appropriate biometric hardware software and third-party system(s), and then deploy it.

CloudABIS eliminates vendor lock-ins, integration issues, and maintenance concerns. Besides, it’s easy to deploy, operate, and maintain while providing fast biometric matching capabilities. Contact us now to learn more about CloudABIS or sign up now for a FREE TRIAL.

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