Why Integrate Biometrics with Membership Management Software?

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Membership management based organizations are moving to biometrics for member identification due to its convenience, affordability, and security features.

If you operate a membership based organization such as a gym, church, or library, it is very difficult to make it profitable and efficient without utilizing modern technology. Manual membership management systems based on pen and paper or ID card systems have become outdated due to their maintenance costs and inefficiencies. On top of that, the possibility of security breaches has aided membership-based organizations to deploy safer and more effective alternatives – most notably the use of biometrics for identification with membership management software.

Biometric integration with membership management software

Biometric technology has proven to be the most effective and affordable identification solution for membership management. Membership-based organizations such as gyms and churches are gradually becoming aware of the value biometric identification provides for their businesses. A biometric identification management system can be easily integrated into any membership management software with matter of hours and once integrated, it can enroll and identify members without any ID cards or personal identification numbers (PINs) within seconds through their unique biometric characteristics.

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Why integrate biometrics with membership management system?

Unlike other membership management authentication techniques, biometrics identify a member based on “who they are” rather than who they claim to be, which increases accuracy and security because unique biometric credentials cannot be stolen, forgotten, or lost. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons to integrate biometrics with membership management systems:

  • Biometrics increases efficiency – Integrating biometric technology with a member management system increases members check in check out system efficiency. With a biometric identification system, staff does not need to manually look up member information for identification, which saves time and increases accuracy.
  • Biometric reduces identity fraud – With a biometric identification system, it is nearly impossible for another person to steal a member’s identity. Each time a member checks in or out, they can conveniently present their biometric attribute for self-identification.When ID card or password-based systems are used, anyone can assume the identity of a member and receive member privileges.
  • Biometrics are a more affordable solution With an ID card or password based system, each time a member is enrolled, a new ID card or password has to be issued, incurring continuous administrative and maintenance costs. In addition, when a member loses their ID card, there will be a reissuance cost. However, with a biometric identification system in place, a fixed cost would keep the system running for as long as you want and members cannot not lose or forget their biometric traits, avoiding all reissuance expenses.
  • Bio-Plugin™ Biometric SDK – Software development kit for rapid biometric integrationBiometrics improves the customer experienceWith a biometric based membership management system, members are relieved from the headache of keeping track of their ID cards. Each time a member enters the facility or accesses any specific area, they can easily provide their biometric traits for authentication. Staff is also relieved from manually identifying customers by checking their ID cards and looking them up into the membership management software, expediting the check-in process and providing members with more time spent enjoying facility amenities.
  • Biometric membership management reduces errors – Biometric membership management reduces the chance of record keeping errors to almost 0% since the entire check-in and check-out process is automated. Duplicate enrollment of members is also eliminated since every member’s biometric traits are unique.


Integrating biometric identification with membership management software has become essential for business of all sizes. With this state of the art technology you can not only create operational efficiencies, it also demonstrates to your members how committed you are towards providing quality and convenient services. Some of the most successful membership management organizations have already understood the need for implementing biometrics for member identification. What about you?

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