Vietnam Will Deploy a Face Biometrics System for Passenger Check-ins at Airports

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The rising number of people traveling by air has put significant pressure on border control to maintain high levels of security and efficiency. However, one of the major challenges that airport authorities face is the need to detect fake or forged documents as well as identify those prohibited from flying or persons on watch lists while ensuring a streamlined and secure process for tourists, business travelers, and legal immigrants. 

Face biometric system for Vietnam airport

Vietnam’s move towards facial biometrics for airport security checks is part of a pilot program. Facial recognition technology is being implemented at airports worldwide to provide passengers with a more secure and streamlined experience. While there are concerns about privacy and the misuse of personal data, advocates argue that the facial recognition system can provide better security and reduce waiting times for travelers.

Vietnam has been making strides in airport security over the past few years. In 2020, the country introduced biometric passports to improve the efficiency of the immigration process. The move towards facial recognition for security checks is another step towards enhancing the travel experience for passengers while ensuring safety.

The CAAV’s plan to strengthen airport security to curb smuggling and other illegal activities is also a positive step. By calling on airport authorities to step up surveillance in sensitive areas, the CAAV is taking proactive measures to prevent criminal activities at airports. Currently, passengers at airports are required to present personal documents such as IDs, driving licenses, or birth certificates for manual inspection by airport personnel before passing through security gates. However, the process can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Introducing biometric technology at security gates would streamline this process by using facial recognition to verify passengers’ identities. The equipment installed at the gates would capture photos of passengers’ faces, allowing faster and more accurate identification. This technology would also be effective in detecting fraudulent documents and identifying individuals who are prohibited from flying. Overall, the use of biometric technology has the potential to enhance the efficiency and security of airport procedures greatly.

M2SYS Border Management System

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