Top 10 Advantages of Biometrics Technology

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There is a significant demand for secured biometric identification of an individual in today’s business world. Do you know why? In our today’s article we are going to find out the ten advantages of biometrics technology:


Identifying the right individual is very simple when you know the person, or you have to recognize him or her from a few persons. But what will happen when you have to identify hundred or thousand individuals from thousands or millions of persons? It was challenging and even almost impossible. But biometrics technology allows to conveniently determine the right person from millions or authenticate the right one within less than a second.


Biometrics technology reduces fraud activity by identifying the right person at the right time. If anyone needs to have access using biometrics, he or she will have to be present physically. You can not lose your biometric; there is no one with the same biometric feature like you, and with the latest liveliness detection capability, it is almost impossible to spoof biometric technology with fake fingers.


Reliability is a psychological term which is the ability to have relied on someone or something. When it comes to biometrics technology, due to it’s unforgettable, non-transferrable and robust security features, it increases the reliability of human identification.


Think about a workplace where biometrics technology keeps track of the time and attendance of each employee’s. Every employee knows that buddy punching, time theft, and ghost employee attendance is quite impossible with biometrics technology. As a result, their accountability increases.

Cost Savings

Printing the ID cards or RFID and maintaining the paper-based log books or registers incur overhead costs. On the other hand, when employees get involved in time theft, their productivity reduces. Biometrics Technology doesn’t require any ID card or RFID and log book or register for identification and increases accountability eliminating time theft. As a result, the printing expense reduces as well as improving productivity reduces the overhead cost.



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In our daily life people, we share our personal information with different organizations and platforms to complete our needs like in hospitals, office, gym, club, and so many other places, to maintain membership or getting benefits. Biometrics technology can ensure that the privacy of our data does not get violated. Biometrics technology provides that our data is only accessible by the person we have permitted or us.


Modern biometrics technology is highly scalable. There is a solution for different sizes and environments. This advancement of technology encourages to scale its usage in all sectors and make it affordable for private use also.


Biometrics technology increases accountability by keeping accurate track of employee’s movement and activities. It makes the employee give his best effort knowing that every contribution of his/her counts, which increases the overall productivity of the organization.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Implementation of biometrics technology ensures the return on investment in a significant way. On the one hand, it saves the organization from unnecessary costs like ID card issuing, time theft, buddy punching, and ghost employees, and on the other had it increases accuracy and accountability to ensure higher ROI.


Finally, biometric technology increases organizational efficiency by making its workforce more accurate, reliable, productive and punctual.

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