RightPunch for Kronos Improves Patient Experience of Hospitals

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RightPunch biometric time clock identifies employees using their biometric data and clocks their working hours in the Kronos environment. But how does a biometric time clock improve patient experience of a hospital or nursing home? Yes, it’s possible. Since 2001, M2SYS technology is working for the betterment of human beings, and literally, they used their innovation to change the world. As a part, their contribution to the healthcare industry is outstanding. For identification of the right patient, they introduced a biometric patient identification system; on the other hand, their RightPunch cloud application improves patient experience managing their workforce.

How RightPunch Improves Patient Experience?

Happy Staff = Happy Patient


Do you agree with this? We do, and here the RightPunch works. Usually, hospitals face a number of challenges regarding their workforce, which affect their services, as well as patient experience. Some significant reasons are employee time theft, buddy punching, scheduling, payroll, and compliance issues, etc. Using biometric technology, RightPunch empowers the Hospitals that use Kronos workforce suites to overcome the challenges.

A biometric clocking system for Kronos helps users to manage scheduling and timekeeping properly. As the biometric data is impossible to share with others, it prevents employee time theft and buddy punching. It raises accountability among the employees, and on the other hand, simplifies the payroll processing. A distinct timesheet also helps Hospitals to reduce compliance expenses.

How Does RightPunch Contribute?

See how does RightPunch for Kronos improve patient experience, increasing efficiency of the employees in the Kronos environment:

Accurate Workforce Timekeeper

  • Prevents time theft
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Records accurate working hours

Workforce Mobility

  • The mobile app enables users to submit punches from their mobile devices
  • The user dashboard shows the timecards

Building Accountability

  • Accurate identification raises accountability
  • Everyone knows that they are identified and responsible for their work

Accurate Overtime Tracker

  • Determines the overtime requirement in real-time
  • Biometric punches clocks accurate overtime of the staffs

Impact of RightPunch

  • RightPunch seamlessly works together with Kronos workforce suits to clock accurate punches. It raises accountability and encourages employees to avoid intentional longer breaks.
  • As the clocking data derived from the biometric punches of the employee, it reduces the errors in payroll. Employees are also concerned about that, and dissatisfaction regarding payroll dissolves.
  • This clocking system doesn’t discourage employees from taking short breaks or meal breaks but assures proper tracking of the time used in work or in the break.
  • Whenever the attendance, accountability, and payroll, all of these issues are being transparent employees, feel better, and there is no room for any dissatisfaction.

Finally, the happy employees and the proper time management in schedules drives employees to give their best effort while serving any patient.

M2SYS Technology Simplifies the development and deployment of biometric projects

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