Biometrics Trusted For Payments At FIFA World Cup 2022

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Biometric technology has advanced in a variety of industries in recent years. This technology is being deployed across various use cases to increase security and convenience, from government projects to law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and private companies. Biometrics are physical or behavioral characteristics that allow a user to be uniquely identified. As a result, biometrics is one of the most secure authentication methods. Thus, using biometrics to authenticate payment is poised to bring greater security and speed to transactions.                          

Visa has collaborated with FIFA and PopID to provide contactless biometric payments at official World Cup venues, such as the eight stadiums and the FIFA Fan Festival. According to Visa, 5,300 contactless payment terminals have been installed for the one million fans expected to travel to Qatar for the tournament. Taxi passengers can now make contactless payments thanks to a collaboration between Visa and Qatar’s Ministry of Transport. This will also be the first time in Qatar that face biometrics will be used for payment. It’s currently being tested in three flat white specialty coffee locations. 

The face recognition system was developed in collaboration with Qatar National Bank and is supported by Visa. In the Middle East, Visa and PopID have already collaborated on biometric applications. Building on that collaboration, the companies have enabled World Cup guests to enroll in the system and pay using only their faces. 

“As FIFA’s long-standing partner, Visa wants to provide football fans from all over the world with the best way to pay in Qatar, while also experiencing exciting new innovations like the fusion of art, football, and technology at Visa’s Masters of Movement venue,” says Saeeda Jaffar, senior VP and Gulf Country Cooperation region manager at Visa. 

All the rising technologies, like playwear and mobile wallets, are becoming increasingly popular alternatives in this digital era. But as the pace of technological change continues along the way, one of the future hopes is to raise more hope known as biometric payments. The way we make payments is changing now more than ever, and biometrics is a huge part of this transformation. This technology is popular when it comes to identity authentication. Merging all the traditional credit or debit cards enables customers to make easy payments with a selfie by saying a word or scanning their fingertips. The payment business needs to grasp such new advances and their advantages to give clients the best involvement in this way, eliminating potential extortion. The banks should change their payment exchange procedures and supplement biometrics to secure the business and shoppers.

M2SYS CertisID is a biometric customer and employee identification solution for the banking and financial services industries to help prevent fraud, protect assets, and establish a concrete audit trail of transactions. With the ability to support fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial, and voice recognition, CertisID enrolls customers and employees using their unique biometric credentials and provides a higher level of security than passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs) or ID cards.

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