Biometric Solution for Inmate Meal Tracking

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One of the critical aspects of prison management is ensuring that inmates are provided with adequate meals to maintain their physical health and well-being. However, tracking meals and ensuring that each inmate receives the appropriate meal can be a challenging task for correctional facilities. Traditionally, correctional facilities have used manual processes, such as paper-based systems, to track meals provided to inmates. Many prisons adopt PIN pad entry systems but later find that inmates often forget their PINs, causing log jams in the lunch line. These systems can be prone to errors and can be time-consuming for staff.  This is where biometric solution becomes a powerful tool to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and security of inmate meal tracking. With biometric solutions, the process becomes automated and streamlined, reducing errors and saving staff time.

Efficient and Secure: Biometric Solutions for Inmate Meal Tracking

Biometric solutions for inmate meal tracking utilize biometric technology, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to accurately and efficiently track the meals provided to inmates in correctional facilities. In a biometric meal tracking system, inmates are identified using their unique biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial features. This data is linked to the inmate’s meal plan, which is pre-programmed into the system. When an inmate comes to receive their meal, they are prompted to scan their biometric data using a biometric scanner. The system then matches the biometric data with the inmate’s meal plan and records the meal as provided.

The benefits of biometric solutions for inmate meal tracking are numerous. First and foremost, biometric solutions improve the accuracy of meal tracking. By using biometric data, the system can ensure that each inmate receives the appropriate meal and that the correct number of meals is provided. This eliminates errors that may occur with manual processes, such as mistaken identity or incorrect meal plan information.

Biometric solutions also improve the efficiency of meal tracking. With an automated system, staff can quickly process inmates and record meal data in real-time, reducing the amount of time spent on meal tracking tasks. This allows staff to focus on other critical tasks, such as security and inmate rehabilitation.

Furthermore, biometric solutions provide a higher level of security for meal tracking. With biometric data linked to each inmate’s meal plan, the system can detect any attempt to circumvent the meal tracking process, such as an inmate attempting to use another inmate’s meal plan. This helps to prevent fraud and ensure that each inmate receives the appropriate meal.

M2SYS Prison Management with Meal Tracking System

The M2SYS Prison-Secure jail and prisoner management system offers a modern and secure solution for managing prisoner identities, available to jail authorities, public safety departments, and governments. PrisonSecure™ is the only solution which can predict prisoner identities individually by machine learning technology/artificial intelligence (AI) based on detailed analytical calculations.

M2SYS Prison-Secure software has a feature of tracking inmate meals. At the beginning of each food line to be monitored, a scanner is installed and connected to a turnstile. As the identification is scanned, data is transmitted to the server. If the user has been through the line already during that mealtime, the turnstile stays locked, and passage is denied. If this is their first visit during that mealtime, access is granted.

The Prison-Secure software provides a scalable biometric matching system for identification, allowing correctional facilities to choose from a number of different biometric identification modalities, including fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition. The solution also allows for the creation and management of detailed inmate profiles for robust analytics and reporting, as well as the management of the activity trail of inmate cases, such as incidents, court appearances, and more.

How Prison Management System works

After the convict is proven guilty, the Prison Management System helps choose the correctional facility where they will be kept. Upon arrival, the criminal is admitted, and their demographic, biometric, and case information is recorded within the system – the prisoner’s identity is verified using biometrics. The solution stores information of the criminal’s possessions during cell booking, medical screenings, inmate security classification, inmate correction, jobs/community work, and anything else required. It also houses visitors’ biometric and demographic information whenever authorized individuals visit the prisoner and court hearing dates, transfers, and release dates.


Biometric solutions provide a powerful tool for improving the accuracy, efficiency, and security of meal tracking in correctional facilities. By utilizing biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, these systems ensure that each inmate receives the appropriate meal and that the correct number of meals is provided. Additionally, biometric solutions streamline the meal tracking process, allowing staff to focus on other critical tasks, such as security and inmate rehabilitation. The M2SYS Prison-Secure software, with its scalable biometric matching system and detailed inmate profiles, offers a modern and secure solution for managing prisoner identities and tracking inmate meals. Contact us today and streamline your prison management system. 

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