Award Winning Biometric SDK for Application

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To find an ideal biometric SDK for your application will always make your life and work much more easier. An ideal biometric SDK for application should be one that comes with –

  • Support for reliable biometric scanners.
  • Should have the capability of easy integration.
  • Integration process should be rapid.
  • It takes up a lot of time and also involves a painstaking process to integrate an SDK with an application properly, so if you don’t choose the right one, the entire deployment might face the risk of failure.

The best solution for this sort of problem is to use an SDK that will easily integrate with the application. Hence, the question is where to find such a solution that have the best capabilities to do such integration? The answer to this problem is pretty simple. M2SYS Technology has developed award-winning biometric SDK and an alternative, those can be integrated with any programing language including Anyone can incorporate our award-winning biometric SDK Bio-Plugin™ for application in less than 24 hours time.

Frost & Sullivan presented M2SYS with prestigious 2007 North American Biometrics Technology Innovation of the Year Award for demonstrating technological dexterity and superiority through the invention of robust Bio-Plugin™ solution.

This single SDK will be one’s top choice if anyone does not want to build an SDK from code level development. Since developing such SDK is also time killing and painstaking, Bio-Plugin™ enables the user with a multimodal biometric engine that supports all sorts of biometric matching on premise. Bio-Plugin™ is an award-winning product from M2SYS that has been not only used by hundreds of thousand companies worldwide, but also by several prestigious governments and United Nations organizations as well.

This super-fast matching engine has the capability of doing 1 to 1 verification and 1 to N matching. Bio-Plugin™ is so fast that it can process 100 million fingerprint templates or 30 million iris templates per second. This super engine works both on windows platform as well as with web applications. Bio-Plugin™ supports many common databases that enable the user to stay hassle free from all points.



Biometric Authentication For Web Application

Integrate a complete biometric solution within a few hours without any code level integration

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Cloud Biometric Capture Tool CloudScanr™

CloudScanr™ is a Cloud SDK that seamlessly integrates with lots of different scanners that follow the standard ISO or ICS template format. CloudScanr™ is prepared to work with the revolutionary CloudABIS™. With over 17 years of experience, CloudABIS™ is a highly scalable cloud-based biometric matching system that supports any development environment. It is a perfect match for the application. CloudABIS™ joined with M2SYS Hybrid Biometric Platform endorses any biometric data including fingerprint, finger vein, facial recognition and iris recognition. Saving users time and money CloudABIS™ is perfect for any web application, and if anyone wishes to exploit the advantages of cloud biometrics, CloudABIS™ is more than perfect for them. This matching engine performs all the matching and stores the biometric templates on cloud saving the user the hassle of on-premise server or database support.

Instant Biometric Integration with Bio-SnapOn™

If a user would like to use just the login feature with biometric on his application, M2SYS has a solution for that too. And the answer is this perfect instant biometric integration tool Bio-SnapOn™. This product instantly snaps on to any software without any code level development and let the user use the features of biometric identification. It captures the biometric data of a user and performs the matching. After the matching Bio-SnapOn™, sends the host application the host application does the data of the user and the rest of the desired process. This product has widely been used by many organizations in POS, Time Clocks, etc.

M2SYS has a keen eye to make user lives better and empower organizations with the things they most valuable time and money. Cloud Biometric Capture Tool CloudScanr™, multimodal biometric SDK Bio-Plugin™, and instant biometric integration with Bio-SnapOn™ are award-winning tools that allow the user to stay secure and stay tension free. No code level development, no time spent, save a lot of money using these award-winning biometric SDK for application.

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Masum Shibli

Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

One thought on “Award Winning Biometric SDK for Application

  • December 5, 2022 at 4:59 am

    Thank you for the information’s on biometric SDK for I was looking for it for quite a long time and finally found the application. Thanks to cloud biometric software the process of identification and verification got a lot easier.


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