5 Reasons to Invest in a Visitor Management Application

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How you manage your visitors always matter. It is a matter of security, a matter of impression, and a matter of keeping proper track of your visitors. You might be thinking all of these can be done using a paper-based system. Yes, they can be, but cannot be done accurately. There are so many loopholes that can threaten your office security if you plan to go to a paper-based visitor management system. There are more to go, but here are 5 reasons to invest in visitor management software. 

5 Reasons to Invest in a Visitor Management Application

Visitor Management Application Streamlines the Check-in Process 

Think about the conventional paper-based visitor management process. Your visitor has to write plenty of things every time they visit your office. It takes more than 5 minutes to correctly include all of the details of the visitors. Just think, if it takes 5 minutes for each, then in every 100 visitors you and they are losing 500 valuable minutes. On the other hand, if you deploy a visitor management application, the whole process becomes fast and efficient. It will take less than a second after the first registration. 

Visitor Management Application Ensures Utmost Security 

Security is the first priority when it comes to managing your office. You have all of the data from your employees. But your visitors are unknown; they could be intruders or a potential threat to your security system. CCTV or a security guard is not enough to ensure the highest security. CCTV cameras can record the event, and a security guard can restrict unwanted intruders, but neither can detect them before they commit any crime. When you add a visitor management system, your office becomes fully protected from an unwanted intruder. Using a visitor management system, you can blacklist an intruder, so you can restrict their entry as long as they check-in. Using biometric technology in the system adds an extra layer of security with it. No matter how they disguise themselves, they can be easily caught, since they cannot change their biometrics. Biometrics remain unchanged throughout a person’s lifetime. 

A Visitor Management Application is Cost Effective 

Robust visitor management systems like VisitorTrack provide digital IDs to every visitor. It saves administrative costs on printing plastic IDs. The robust visitor management system, VisitorTrack, sends the digital badges to the visitor’s mobile. Using this badge, visitors check into your office without taking any physical equipment like plastic IDs. Moreover, you can save all of the required documents in the visitor profile that saves money and makes it so much more cost effective for you. 

Visitor Management Application is Convenient 

In a traditional visitor management system, you need to maintain sign-in sheets, staff who are dedicated to monitoring this project, and so on. Additionally, if you need to know about a suspicious visitor’s information, you have to go through the whole sign-in sheet manually, and that would be a nightmare for sure.

 Biometric visitor management can eliminate the necessity of maintaining paper sheets, extra workforce, and other associated costs. You can get a daily update in an easier and more convenient way.

Visitor Management Application Creates an Impression 

People are now more concerned about their security than ever before. So, instead of using a traditional, vulnerable security system, adopting the latest security technology will increase your credibility for sure.

Granted, a suitable biometric visitor management system isn’t very common in the market. But, there is a solution that can meet your requirements altogether. 

Available Technology 

After going through all of this, if you are thinking of buying one for your company, then you should consider the VisitorTrack visitor management system. It is a biometric-based visitor management system with jaw-dropping features, including but not limited to: 

  • Cloud-based biometric system
  • Simple integration process
  • Highly secure check-in process
  • Mobile app allows for the capture and uploading of documents
  • Provides a digital badge to verify the visitor’s identity
  • Easily accessible historical data
  • Fast check-in process for the pre-registered visitors

 So, are you curious? Want to know more about the visitor management system? Contact us by filling out the form below. With over 17 years of experience in the field, we can surely help you with our expertise and cutting-edge solution. 


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