3 Ways RightPunch, a Biometric Time Clock for Kronos, Improves Time Management

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What happens if your office cannot manage and track time accurately? What happens if poor time management causes time theft in your office?  According to research, time theft at the office costs 3% of the gross payroll. RightPunch, on the other hand, an affordable PC- and mobile-based biometric time clock for Kronos can improve time management at your office. Here is how this robust biometric time clock can improve your office time management. 

3 Ways RightPunch, a Biometric Time Clock for Kronos, Improves Time Management

Keep Accurate Data

RightPunch, a biometric time clock for Kronos, uses human biometric attributes for employees to clock in and clock out. As a result, it leaves no room for buddy punching or any manipulation. You get reliable and accurate data. This creates a sense of accountability among the employees. 

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Difficult to Forge 

Biometrics, which are the unique attributes of humans, cannot be copied, manipulated, or passed on. RightPunch, a biometric time clock for Kronos, uses this robust technology for employee identification. As a result, problems like buddy punching, time theft, and ghost workers can easily be eliminated using RightPunch. 

Convenience to Use 

When time is money, a simple wastage of time can be detrimental for business. Your process needs to be fast and efficient so that it doesn’t kill employees’ time as well as yours. RightPunch is such a solution. This robust technology takes less than a second to clock in and clock out. As a result, the process becomes fast, efficient, and effective, which no other device can ensure. 

Real-Life Example 

Forever 21, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a fashion retailer of women’s, men’s, and kid’s clothing and accessories. One of the largest retailer chains in the U.S.A., it runs more than 700 stores in 48 countries. To manage their stores’ employees in 48 countries, they were looking for a solution that could accurately track employee time attendance and prevent time theft, buddy punching, and ghost employee problems for their retail stores. RightPunch, a biometric time clock for Kronos, helped them eliminate these problems from their retail stores and manage their time efficiently which drove up their profit. Read their success story how Forever21 eliminated such problems from their stores using this biometric time clock solution for Kronos.

So, do you want to manage time efficiently and effectively like Forever21? Then reach out to us; we are M2SYS Technology, and with over 17 years of experience, we are sure to help you find the best solution. 


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One thought on “3 Ways RightPunch, a Biometric Time Clock for Kronos, Improves Time Management

  • January 2, 2023 at 3:17 am

    Another thing I’d like to add is that the solution can be used with cheap tablets and smartphones. We know because we’ve been using this biometric time clock solution for years now with our UKG software and it’s been super convenient for everyone involved.


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