The UN Plans To Implant Everyone With A Biometric ID By 2030

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The UN plans to issue everyone with a biometric ID by 2030. This is a part of a UN sustainable goal aimed at providing a legal identity for all. More than 1.5 billion people in the world today do not have a legal identity. This restricts them from proper government amenities and basic public services, such as education and healthcare.

Why Biometric ID Card

Biometric is a cutting-edge technology that is convenient and impossible to forge. This robust technology uses a human’s unique attributes such as fingerprint, finger vein, and iris recognition technology. Using biometric technology in national ID cards help to reduce fraud, identity theft and can ensure proper distribution of government amenities.

Recent Example

Many countries have already introduced biometric ID cards for their citizens. The Turkish government is an example of introducing a biometric ID card for its nation; M2SYS was the proud partner of that project. Using award-winning technology, the Bio-plugin, from M2SYS helped them to collect over 12 million pieces of biometric data. BioPlugin is a revolutionary biometric software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to rapidly integrate multi-modal biometric software for identification. Through its award-winning Hybrid Biometric Platform™ technology, integrating with Bio-Plugin™ allows a user to utilize fingerprint, finger vein, and iris biometric identification. This state of the art technology also helped the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in deploying a biometric SIM card registration system throughout the country. Adoption of the M2SYS biometric identification solution has helped the NCC to create a centralized database of 140 million SIM card user fingerprint biometric templates to more easily trace and track mobile activities.

Biometric Technology Revamped The World

Not only in a national ID card, this cutting-edge technology is also being used in many aspects of business and healthcare, helping businesses in saving millions of dollars. For instance, using biometrics Forever21 (the largest retailer chain in the USA) prevent time theft, buddy punching, and ghost employee problems from their 700 retail stores in 48 countries. In healthcare, biometric is helping hospitals accurately identify their patients. This eliminates the chance of patient misidentification, which can play a big role in improving medical outcomes. As a result of improved medical outcomes and patient satisfaction levels, hospitals have enjoyed a surge in their ROI. For example, after deploying biometric patient identification system from RightPatient, Martin Health experienced huge reductions in duplicate medical records, medical ID theft, and fraud. It increases patient safety and results in better medical outcomes.

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