Colombia Adopts IRIS Recognition for Automated Border Control Project

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Colombia Migration Ministry of Foreign Affairs has installed a unique biometric passport control system at the El Dorado airport.

This biometric system named Biomig is a part of a national development program. Initially, it will be implemented in the immigration zones of the El Dorado International Airport.

Iris recognition, one of the most accurate biometric modalities will be implemented for this program. It is a fast, stable and secure solution that takes less than 25 seconds to scan an individual. As a seamless and convenient method, it is the best identification method for a large group of people.

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The Director of Migration in Colombia, Christian Kruger Sarmiento said, “Today we are launching ‘biomig’, a biometric system, a migratory biometric system, it is a totally automatic system designed for all Colombians entering through El Dorado airport. The main checkpoint in Colombia is where we are today. Here, at this point, 66 percent of the migratory movements of the whole country are registered.”

The authority is hopeful that Biomig will reduce the long  entry process to less than a minute. It will also be free of any kind of hassle in regards to immigration.

A biometric scanning system will work along with the iris recognition to crosscheck if the individual passing the line has any warrant to their name.

The organizers claim that Biomig is a unique biometric system of its kind, and it isn’t implemented any other airport in the world except South Korea who has a similar kind of system.

The technical team has the authority to check individual’s data with national police, intelligence service, Interpol data, and different national and international databases while crossing.    

Biomig is applied for every Colombian citizen above 12 years old and they have to go through the biometric registration process while entering the country.

One of the most renowned iris scanners is the M2-AutoTilt™  scanner. It is a compact, contactless, and hygienic iris scanner that is capable of managing large-scale enrollments and authentication applications.

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