Aviation Leaders Urges for Biometric Technology to Manage Swelling Traffic

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Global aviation leaders and Europe’s leading airline CEOs met together at A4E Aviation Summit that took place at the beginning of March, 2018. They showed their concern about existing passenger management systems as passenger volumes continue to swell every year. Many believe that biometric technology is desperately needed to manage the huge number of airport passengers.

The traditional approach to processing passengers consumes a lot of time. As the amount of passengers is increasing all over the world, it becomes impossible to manage the huge amount of visitors every day.

Additionally, security concerns are paramount all over the world; thus, airport authorities are looking for a more secure system to identify criminals and restrain them from wreaking havoc.

Airlines have identified these flaws as the biggest deficits in the aviation industry and agree that they need to be addressed to make progress and provide better service. Aviation leaders find that technology such as biometrics can help them to overcome this situation.

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During a panel discussion at the A4E event, Gloria Guevara Manzo, president and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council expressed that,

“Biometric ID is the solution, we believe, to increase security while making more efficient the experience of the traveller. By working together, we can come up with a standard so that we can then engage with governments. Because the airlines can be very efficient, and the airports can be very efficient, but let’s be honest, that’s not enough. We need immigration, we need customs, we need everyone in the entire travel chain to use biometrics and be more efficient.”

Pekka Vauramo, president and CEO of Finnair, shared his experience of trialing biometric scanning:

“The motivation is to make air travel easier for everyone. I think as an industry, we haven’t done a good job in taking the technology introduced and recognizing that certain technologies are good enough to be applied. The other challenge is sharing the information.”

Guevara Manzo said that airlines and airports need to step forward to promote the benefits of biometric technology their governments. To illustrate the effectiveness of this process, she highlighted how airlines drove the transition from paper ticketing to e-ticketing, which has now become the standard ticketing method everywhere.

News Source:apex.aero

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