5 Business Hacks to Boost Efficiency

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Overworked employee and efficient employee

Businesses strive toward the expectation of higher growth in revenue compared to the previous years. But with the limitations on resources and fierce competition with other companies, this can be quite difficult. They need to achieve a level of efficiency that seemingly can only be done with some magical initiative or extraordinary business hacks. Wondering what these hacks are? Here are some that are sure to make a positive impact:

Biometric Identification

There are different purposes, and scopes for enterprises to implement biometric identification. Currently, it is the most secure form of identification and is almost impossible to manipulate. For accurate time-clocking, payroll processing, or customer identification, biometric is the most reliable method. An average US company can save potentially millions of dollars per year by just preventing buddy punching and time theft through implementing a biometric time clock. Similarly, it has a massive impact on ensuring errorless payroll processing and preventing transaction fraud.

Visitor Management System

What are you thinking? Why is visitor management so important as business hacks, that it needs to be mentioned here? Just answer a few questions like these below, and the answer is clear:

  • Is your visitor information helpful for your organization?
  • What is the cost of maintaining paper logs, registers, and ID card printing?
  • How much are you losing when your employees are spending time attending a visitor?
  • Is your security system strong enough to restrict the entry of any unauthorized or fake identity?

If your answers are ready, then think about the visitor management system that manages appointments, sends email notifications, assures accurate identification, issues digital badges, and records actual check-in/out. Thus, it eliminates significant direct and indirect costs, saves productive hours, and finally, increases efficiency.

Asset Management

Each asset of an enterprise is truly a part of the long term investment of the business. After the acquisition, these assets are allotted to specific employees to utilize in business operations. But most of the times employees were found indifferent about the care and maintenance of the company assets. Even spare parts that are not maintained properly need to be managed as they can cause unnecessary expenditures. An Asset Management App raises accountability, showing the real-time status that increases the lifetime of the assets and boosts efficiency.

Simple CMMS

A Computerized Maintenance Management System simplifies the maintenance of the assets and equipment of the enterprise by scheduling maintenance, tracking inventory, routing work orders, and reporting to the authority. A CMMS app helps employees to ensure more efficient operation, providing real-time status to the management about their assets and maintenance plans. In the long run, the amazing impact reflects on the lifetime of the assets and equipment and saves the enterprise from losing potentially millions of dollars each year.

Corporate Wellness Program

Cheerful employees deliver the best performance, while exhausted employees fail. According to the American Institute of Stress, job stress costs US businesses more than $300 billion annually. That’s why enterprises are moving toward employee engagement that helps to reduce workplace stress. Initiating a corporate wellness program engages all employees to practice a healthy life and wellbeing. When employees feel that their employer thinks about their wellbeing, they become motivated and give their maximum effort.

Boosting efficiency is not only implementing apps but also a practice of continuous development and demands constant optimization. First, make a culture of welcoming new technology or process and then try these 5 business hacks in your business process to boost efficiency.

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