Complete Biometric Time Clock System Implemented in Nigerian Warehouse

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Maintaining accurate attendance records for employees is essential for any organization, but it becomes even more critical regarding warehouse operations. This blog will explore how a Nigerian distribution company successfully implemented a biometric time attendance system to overcome attendance-related challenges and optimize its workflow.

Difficulties Arising From the Manual System

The Nigerian company works with the distribution of goods from factories to small retailers. In such a hectic industry where tracking employee attendance is essential, the company must maintain simultaneous operations in different locations to meet its business needs. The company relies heavily on its workforce, particularly warehouse laborers, who play a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of its supply chain. However, the company struggled to effectively manage employee attendance, which directly impacted their productivity and overall success.

Previously, the company used a manual system to maintain an attendance sheet, which was ineffective. They were facing problems with buddy punching and data loss, making it difficult to accurately track employee attendance. They overpaid workers due to a lack of accurate attendance data. These issues created significant challenges for the company, as employee attendance is critical to their business operations. If laborers slack behind, it can disrupt the workflow, causing a ripple effect throughout the entire supply chain. Furthermore, inaccurately calculating working hours cost the company a lot of money. It created a need for the company to implement a biometric attendance system to manage its workforce and ensure employee attendance is accurately tracked.

Guidance Toward the Right Biometric Attendance System

When the Nigerian distribution company reached out to M2SYS, they sought a biometric attendance  system to install in their warehouses. The M2SYS team listened carefully to the customer’s requirements and provided a guideline on how they work, along with all the options that would best fit the customer. 

The company had specific requirements, including a cost-effective, automated, and cloud-based biometric attendance system that provides a WebAPI so they can use the data in other third-party applications. The hardware also had to be specifically of fingerprint modality, and the system needed to ensure data privacy.

M2SYS suggested a turnkey solution, which will cover all their requirements. A complete biometric solution, which included hardware, client app, and matching engine. Furthermore, M2SYS informed the company that the turnkey solution is customizable according to the customer’s needs, providing a client app or interface, and suggested hardware that would be the best choice.

To address the customer’s need for a cost-effective solution, M2SYS guided them to implement a facial recognition system rather than a fingerprint solution. The facial recognition modality will allow the customer to enjoy the same functionality without requiring additional hardware. All they needed was a tab, smartphone, or laptop to capture the facial characteristics. M2SYS further explained that their facial recognition technology is very accurate as it is equipped with liveness detection. Therefore the system can’t be tricked by buddy punching or with a still image of the employee.

The company had concerns about setup time and data privacy since they wanted the system to be cloud-based. M2SYS assured the customer that it would be quick and secure as they have handled big government and private cloud-based projects. For cloud security, 256-bit AES is used, which is the most secure encryption. Furthermore, the whole cloud system is SSL certified.

The company soon awarded the contract to M2SYS, and with facial recognition modality, the whole system was up and running in all six warehouses in only three working days.

Biometric Attendance System Brought Great Results

After implementing the biometric attendance system provided by M2SYS, the Nigerian distribution company was able to streamline its warehouse operations significantly. The automated system allowed them to maintain accurate attendance records, track the punch-in and punch-out times of each employee, and ensure the presence of every worker in the factory. With the new system in place, the company could avoid the problem of buddy punching and eliminate the chance of data loss.

The company’s management was impressed by the ease of use of the biometric solution provided by M2SYS. They could use the cloud-based system to access their attendance data in real-time, regardless of location. The data could be easily transferred to other third-party applications, providing the management with the flexibility they needed.

Moreover, the facial recognition modality proved the ideal solution for the company’s cost-effective requirements. The liveness detection feature of the system ensured that still images of employees did not trick the biometric technology. This eliminated the need for additional hardware was eliminated, saving the company money in the process.

M2SYS’s turnkey solution provided the perfect fit for the company’s requirements. The solution was cost-effective, accurate, secure, and easy to use, allowing the company to focus on its core business operations without interruption. With our expertise in biometric technology, we were able to provide a hassle-free solution that added value to the company.

Final Words

Similar to this customer story, M2SYS has provided top-class biometric attendance systems to many organizations suffering from mismanagement in attendance. We understand that every customer is different. That is why we take the time to understand their requirements before providing them with the appropriate solution. Our solutions are customizable to meet the needs of each customer. We take the hassle from the customer and provide them with the best solution for their needs, which adds value to their organization.

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