Safeguard your Cloud Applications with Biometric Authentication System

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Marlon is an IT manager of a reputed organization. Every day their business access bunches of essential data. Those are so confidential and can cause severe issues if breaches occur. Being a multinational company he needs a system that is accessible from multiple countries, provides flexibility and help to meet time to market objective. No doubt they have no option other than to employ cloud technology, but like others, Marlon is also concerned about security.

Common Threats in Cloud Computing

It is undeniable that cloud computing provides many business benefits. Along with these benefits there is a factor with security issues that can be a nightmare for a company. These threats include:

Malicious Insider: A unknown insider can break through your data center and can disrupt your cloud data. It can also be done through a network system. A malicious intruder can break the security system and can breach the data center. This could happen due to deploying password to the access system.

Data Breach: Data breach can happen in two way. Hacker could breach the data center security and can get access to it and thus leak the data they want. This is a physical way of breaching such data. Besides hacker cloud break the data security by hacking its access and be at the middle where data passed from sender to receiver. Here hacker encrypted all data and breached them as per their need.

Password Breach: Through logical guess with a bit of math, a hacker can breach the password and get access to the data center.

Account Hijacking: Your data can be a breached by hijacking your account. The intruder could steal your access through guessing, or getting access to your secure data by pretending to be an authorized user.

Biometric Authentication System – SafeGuard of your Cloud Computing  

Reading all through these facts you might be frightened like Marlon. You might be thinking that cloud computing could be a huge risk for you and for your company. Luckily that’s not exactly true. All these breaches can only happen due to a weak security system. You need a new type of safeguard for your cloud applications. A guard that is strong enough to secure your data,  so tight that is impossible to break, unable to manipulated and only give access to the authorized users. A Biometric authentication system is the perfect safeguard for your cloud computing needs.

Unbreakable Password : Thanks to a biometric feature no one can breach the password. Biometric modalities like fingerprint, iris; finger vein are unique by nature. A system with a biometric safe guard can only give access to the authorized person with a valid biometric  password. M2SYS M2-EasyScan Pro™ fingerprint scanner, M2SYS M2-Auto Tilt™ Iris scanner,  and M2-FingerVein™ reader are biometric devices that could ensure security integrity to your physical data center.

Impossible to Breach Cloud Network : Yes you heard right, now biometric technology comes with cloud technology. So your cloud will be secure like your data center. The only authorized person can access your cloud network through their biometric authentication. So there will be no unwanted intruder who could breach your network system. Thanks to M2SYS CloudABIS ™, this cloud-based biometric technology can be deployed via Web API within an hour and can integrate various biometric modalities like a fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and face recognition to your software. Moreover, it comes with a scalable SaaS model. Where you will be charged according to your data size.



Web API For Biometric Authentication

Key Features:

Simply connect to our Biometric API to perform fast 1:N Fingerprint/ Finger-Vein/ Iris Recognition

Learn More

No Threats of Account Hijacking: Yes, no one can hijack your account and pretend like you, because your account will be safe by the biometric authentication system. An intruder cannot steal your biometric. Even though if they try to spoof your fingerprint this safeguard could save you through its liveliness detection technology.

Secure Remote Access: Cloud comes with the benefit of portability, mobility and remote access. But at the same time, remote access feature comes with a threat of data breach by an intruder. This could only happen if the cloud is secure by old age password method that can be breached easily. Biometric authentication system provides such security through its mobile devices. You can use  MULTICHECK-C™ or RapidCheck to provide remote access through biometric authentication. Due to its portability feature, you can take it anywhere you want and can access your secure cloud application at any time.

Business organization these days are deploying cloud computing for their business function. Due to its benefits of easy accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and IT flexibility, its attractiveness is undeniable. But if we couldn’t make sure proper security to cloud application, this can become a threat for its user. For this reason, this is high time to safeguard cloud application through biometric authentication. Only these could make IT manager like Marlon to lead a relief life and also could bring prosperity to our modern life and business.

If you are looking for a cloud application with pre-build biometric authentication, you must go for  CloudApper ™. It is a cloud-based no code application builder, through which you can build your desired application according to your need without writing a single line of code. If this sounds amazing, then fill up the form below and lets us discuss this in more detail.

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