Top Two Best Fingerprint Scanners To Use in 2023

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As of 2023, the demand for solid security is increasing, and deploying biometric authentication is the only viable solution. Since it is inexpensive and straightforward, fingerprint-based authentication is one of the most widely used biometric implementation methods. You also require fingerprint scanners in addition to identity management software. The two most commonly used fingerprint scanners will be covered in this blog.

Best fingerprint scanners to use in 2023

M2-EasyScan Pro

A customized fingerprint scanner called M2-EasyScan Pro was created for both large- and small-scale fingerprint identification applications. It includes advanced optical technology that instantly collects high-quality fingerprint photos, and the scanning surface has a thick, anti-scratch coating that protects it from wear and tears from hard use. To provide more accuracy and reliability in the identification process, the device is intended to take high-quality photos of fingerprints from various types of fingers, including those that are dry, damp, old, scarred, or hard to scan.

Why use M2-EasyScan Pro

Surface-enhanced irregular reflection (SEIR) optical technology, a unique feature of the M2-EasyScan Pro, offers clear picture quality, excellent contrast, and a high signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, this technology reduces distortion, producing consistently accurate images.

The M2-EasyScan Pro’s high sensor-to-sensor consistency is one of its main advantages. As a result, matching templates registered with various fingerprint scanners may be done with great accuracy. This is especially helpful in contexts where several scanner users may be, such as in the office.

The M2-EasyScan Pro has excellent scan quality and is designed to resist harsh environments. It is extremely tough and durable because of its solid engineering and premium materials. It can withstand impurities like sweat, dust, and oil, as well as electrostatic shock, impact, drops, scratches, severe temperatures, humidity, and discharge.

This makes the M2-EasyScan Pro an excellent option for use in various outdoor or industrial settings. In addition, it is a flexible and dependable scanning solution since it can scan fingerprints that are dry, wet, old, scarred, or otherwise hard to scan.

The M2-EasyScan Pro is a comprehensive capable, incredibly robust portable scanner that is perfect for various situations. At the same time, its robust design enables it to survive harsh environments. Furthermore, its SEIR optical technology and high sensor-to-sensor consistency offer clear, accurate scans.


The M2-EasyScan fingerprint reader is a sturdy and long-lasting scanning solution that is made to withstand electrostatic shock, impact, drops, scratches, extremely high or low humidity levels, electrostatic discharge, and impurities like sweat, dirt, and oil. This makes it a fantastic option for application in various settings and sectors.

Why use M2-EasyScan 

The M2-EasyScan fingerprint reader’s ultra-precise 500 DPI resolution is one of its most notable features. It consistently produces clear and precise scans, making it a dependable option for experts and regular people.

The M2-EasyScan fingerprint reader also has several user-friendly features. For example, auto-On immediately switches on the sensor when a finger is detected. Smart Capture ensures accurate fingerprint scanning for dry, moist, wrinkled, scarred, and difficult fingertips.

The ultra-precise OPP03-series optic module is used to create the FDU03FRS sensor, which is the brain of the M2-EasyScan fingerprint reader. This sensor is protected against scratches, shocks, corrosion, and electrostatic discharge via a hardened fingerprint contact area (ESD).

The M2-EasyScan fingerprint reader is built for user convenience, in addition to its remarkable performance. It has an incorporated finger guide to ensure accurate placement and is small and ergonomically designed to fit with any finger or thumb.

Overall, the M2-EasyScan fingerprint reader is a robust and highly reliable scanning option that is perfect for usage in various settings. It is an excellent pick for experts and regular people due to its precise resolution and functionality.

Identity solution compatibility 

Without a doubt, both devices are fantastic and suitable for any situation or area. However, obtaining a decent fingerprint device is simply the first step. A robust system for identity management is another thing you should consider. M2SYS is a leading global provider of biometric solutions that reshapes how companies and governments use biometrics daily. M2-EasyScan Pro and M2-EasyScan are fully compatible with the biometric turnkey solutions and eGovernment solutions offered by M2SYS. Please contact us immediately if you have any device or software queries 


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