Visitor Management System to Secure Your Office

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Thinking about your office security? What are the measures you have taken to keep your office safe from an unwanted visitor? An unwanted intruder can be life-threatening, can cause unwanted and unexpected destruction to your office that results in a huge loss for your business. The paper-based system cannot provide a solid answer when it comes to securing your office space. Only a proper visitor management system can safeguard you from these unwanted and unexpected situations. Here is how a visitor management system can secure your office from an unwanted intruder.

Visitor Management System to Secure Your Office

Visitor Management System Can Keep Proper Log

A visitor management system keeps proper track of your visitor. It keeps visitor’s demographic detail, their reason for visiting the office and their host information. All these data are kept saved in the visitor management system. As a result, you can get easy access to your visitor’s information when required. No matter who enters your office, if you have a visitor management system they have to enter their name, so whatever they do they can be tracked and can be reported to the police. Some high-tech visitor management system even uses biometric technology for visitor identification which is nearly impossible to forge. Which means no matter how your visitor disguises themselves to hide their true identity, a biometric-based visitor management system can easily detect them.

Visitor Management System Can Blacklist Intruder

A secure office doesn’t give access to an unwanted visitor. Using a visitor management system you can do it very easily. Using a robust visitor management system you can blacklist an intruder and restrict their future entry. In a manual system, you hardly detect or blacklist an intruder, even if you do there is no scope for detecting them in the future. On the other hand, if you use a visitor management system, you can recognize an intruder very easily. Blacklisting an intruder becomes more effective if your visitor management system uses biometric technology for visitor identification.

Visitor Management System Can Send Automated Alert

It’s not only an intruder that can pose a threat to your office. It can be an unwanted event like fire or earthquake. It can occur where everyone needs to be notified for an emergency exit. A manual system cannot send automated alert to all of your employees, but robust visitor management system can do it. Using a visitor management system you can send alert for immediate exists so that all of your employees can stay safe.

Visitor Management System Can Send Digital Badge

Think about a visitor, who gets access to your office and then hides their visitor badge and act as if they are one of your employees and gets access to your important information. On the other hand, if you send a digital badge to their mobile phone, they can hardly hide it. Additionally, a digital badge is cost-saving and environmentally friendly too. Using a digital badge will save your money on printing plastic visitor id. A visitor management system can generate digital badges and send it automatically to your visitor’s phone. In a manual system, providing a digital badge is nearly impossible or costly.

Where Can I Find Such Solution

VisitorTrack™ a cutting-edge visitor management solution available in the market. This robust software uses biometric technology for visitor identification that unbreakable security in your office. VisitorTrack™ needs no pen and paper, no extra maintenance cost and no additional developer cost as well. Besides VisitorTrack™ provides digital ID which minimizes the cost for plastic ID. Through this ID, the authority can check visitor previous visit and can restrict them if required. VisitorTrack™ takes a picture of visitor ID, passport and can add to their visitors’ profile. Using the power of biometric, VisitorTrack can blacklist intruder to restrict their unwanted visit.

CCTV camera, security guard are not enough to establish the utmost security in your office. Absence of a proper visitor management system makes the whole security system ineffective. Adding a visitor management system creates a proper safeguard that no one can break.   Establish unbreakable security that keeps your office safe from an unwanted intruder.

Want to deploy such a robust biometric visitor management system in your office? Let us know your query. We are M2SYS having 17 years of expertise in the identity management industry, sure to give you the best solution.

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